‘Pretty Boy Prez of France Spends $30G on Hair, Makeup’ (2017)

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They do like to rub our faces in it, don’t they?

Pretty Boy Prez of France Spends +$30G on Hair & Makeup

Granted, French President “I feel pretty” Macron spent mere confetti, compared to what our President *Batteries Not Included spent on entertaining and decorating himself and his wife. Still–when was the last time you spent 30 grand on hair and makeup?

Well, God told Samuel to let the people have the king they wanted, and they’d be sorry.

Oh, BTW, Macron does have one thing Ol’ *Batteries Not Included didn’t have.

A throne. This popinjay-in-chief has got a throne.

I thought the French had more self-respect than that.

5 comments on “‘Pretty Boy Prez of France Spends $30G on Hair, Makeup’ (2017)

  1. What – a throne and no crown? I wonder how many horses’ butts it would take to make one, Liberal$ are a worldwide collective of those who get rich on the fruits of our labors. I hate that we pay the taxes that that fund our own poverty and oppression. I hope liberal leaders get carpal tunnel syndrome from signing all those checks.

    1. Wearing a crown might mess up his expensive hairdo — or, even worse, might hide it. 🙂

      (Note: this may be a duplicate. I just tried to post an identical comment and it vanished without a trace. But it may just be lurking and will someday reappear.)

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