Democrats and Funerals

A great opportunity for a political rally!

It seems the only way you can generate a crowd for a Democrat political rally is to stage it as a funeral. Remember Paul Wellstone’s funeral, a couple of years back? What a spectacle that was.

This week they did it again at Congressman John Lewis’ funeral, with former President *Batteries Not Included, supposedly there to deliver a eulogy, diving head-first into 2020 politics (

Obama lashed out at President Donald Trump, as usual, called the legislative filibuster “a Jim Crow relic,” demanded “automatic” voter registration and the creation of a national holiday for Election Day, and spewed out the customary blather about “suppressing” the minority vote and “attacks on our democracy.”

I would never say it at a funeral, but I think too many people vote and that the voting age ought to be raised to 50.

To restate the obvious, the United States is not a “democracy.” It is a constitutional republic founded on the principal that government itself is a necessary evil whose power must be vigorously limited. Otherwise it’ll just devour everything.

And, as Mark Simone asked on the radio today, how come you aren’t allowed to fill up a church for a service, but it’s okay to jam ’em all in for a Democrat funeral?

God help us if we ever let these people get back into power. Throughout history, “democracy” will either self-destruct or deteriorate into tyranny. It never fails.

Our country’s founders knew that. I wish we did.

4 comments on “Democrats and Funerals

  1. On the off-chance that an ordinary deceased person may be allowed a funeral at all (which he still isn’t in some states), only 9 or fewer immediate family members are allowed to be present. But for a leftist politician (or a thug killed by a rogue cop), there can be not only a packed-to-the-rafters funeral service but multiple packed-to-the-rafters memorial services as well.

  2. Obama has no class, and those who adore him have no class. I looked up the history of the Senate’s filibuster and it began in 1806, quite a bit of time before Jim Crow. I am wondering why I haven’t heard my favorite Conservative commentators jump on this?

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