Still Can’t Reblog

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I’ve just spent an hour and a half with the WordPress happiness engineer trying to restore my ability to reblog. Nothing doing.

The post I try to reblog, in its travels from my colleague’s page to mine… simply disappears. I just tried to reblog Kristi Ann’s Haven and the same thing happened: it disappeared. Meanwhile, her page thinks the reblog was successful. *Sigh*

The problem turns out to be much more complicated than the engineer first thought, so WordPress will have to get back to me on this. It’d be nice if they could solve it.

So, for all my friends out there who’ve been wondering why I’ve stopped reblogging their posts–I haven’t stopped. I’ve been stopped.

6 comments on “Still Can’t Reblog

  1. What’s really odd is that as I started loading this page, for a moment I saw what seemed to be a reblog, but it almost instantly disappeared and this post appeared in its place. Gremlins. Must be gremlins.

    1. The engineer didn’t know what to make of it. The other day I had a ghost of SlimJim’s blog–here and gone in just a second.

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