Another Cat, Another Bird

This is not the first video I’ve ever seen (or posted) of a cat and a parakeet playing together. The cat isn’t going to eat the parakeet and the bird knows it.

We’ve all seen cats catch birds, haven’t we? So how do a cat and a bird become friends? I always thought parakeets had a lot of personality; or maybe starlings just taste better.

3 comments on “Another Cat, Another Bird

  1. Wow, Lee, the email notification I received for this post had a reblog from Slim Jim instead of the picture of the cat and bird! And when I clicked the link to the reblog in the email, it worked! However, the text of your email was about the cat and the bird, not about the reblog. (This is like something out of the story – and movie – “The Fly.”)

    1. I suspect some other readers have had the same thing happen–as WordPress works on trying to correct my reblogging problem. I’ll take it as a sign that they’re actually trying things.

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