‘Minds Set in Cement?’ (2014)

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Sooner or later even the most deceptive villains will tell you what they’re all about. They can’t help it. As my friend John the homicide detective says, “Sooner or later they talk. They can’t help it.” Hercule Poirot would agree.

But until that happens, it’s terribly hard to change somebody’s mind.

Minds Set in Cement?

I think I once persuaded somebody that homeschooling was good. That’s not much to show for several decades’ worth of trying. But as long as people are prepared to listen to the truth when the bad guys inadvertently let it slip out, there’s hope.

Uh, like they’ve been doing in the streets of our cities this year: which tells us who they are and what they mean to do to us if they can ever get back into power.


3 comments on “‘Minds Set in Cement?’ (2014)

  1. The same evil persists throughout time. Satan wants to enslave the human race that he detests and that common thread goes back to the earliest days of human history.

  2. You got that right. Our enemy is in full assault mode now. He, as well as we, know his time is short and he has the persistence to win that we all need.

  3. We watched Lindsey Graham’s Judicial Committee meeting to interview Sally Yates live on OAN this morning. Graham started out and gave the chronology of how Mike Flynn was railroaded into pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. Then Senator Feinstein had her tern and she just told lie after lie. It isn’t a matter of changing the minds of people like Feistein, it is a matter of an exorcism.

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