Teacher Unions: Headed for the Scrap Heap?

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When the school failed, my father taught me math. And it wasn’t all that hard for him to do.

More and more people are clamoring for the public schools to be re-opened, supposedly so that parents can go back to work while their kids are in school. But the teachers’ unions, by and large, don’t want the schools re-opened.

Are they cutting their own throats?

According to The American Thinker: maybe (https://tmp.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/07/have_the_teachers_unions_cut_their_own_throats_homeschooling_interest_surges_amid_covid_shutdowns.html).

They’re afraid of the Chinese Doomsday Virus, of course. In fact, they’re so afraid, they’ve been threatening to strike if the schools are re-opened.

And they’re afraid of homeschooling, too. Interest in actual in-person homeschooling, taught by a parent or a tutor, is overtaking remote online schooling as a more popular alternative, John Solomon has reported. It appears kids don’t do all that well, just being tutored by robots. But tests show that homeschoolers, taught by parents or tutors in person, do just fine. In fact, they’ve always done just fine, academically.

So they trot out the old “socialization” argument: the kids’ll grow up weird if they don’t have their classmates around them every day. As if families and neighbors couldn’t socialize children. The “socialization” kids get in school has never been anything but an ongoing lesson in conformity. The kids in school get socialized by other kids, their age-group peers. Honk if you think that’s a good idea.

America’s costly public “education” establishment is virulently anti-American and, in some cases, downright crazy. Getting the right answer to a math problem is “racist.” And “You can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel.” All sorts of stuff just like that. Critics have been warning you about that for years, but a lot of you refuse to listen. The one thing all those white middle-class useful idiots rioting in the streets have in common is their so-called education. How can anyone in his right mind think America needs more of that?

So the unions find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Either they go back to school, where they think the virus is gonna get them, or they don’t go back to school and millions of American families discover that homeschooling really works and they don’t need teachers’ unions anymore.

No single thing would be more beneficial to America than the demise of the teachers’ unions and the building down of “education.”


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  1. Socialization; let’s see what that brings. It taught me how to use profanity and even obscenities. it taught me all kinds of slang relating to anatomy. Even when I was young, there was peer pressure involving sexual experimentation. I was raised in a good neighborhood and went to above average schools, but there were a lot of bad things going on, just the same. The value of “socialization” is greatly exaggerated, if you ask my opinion.

    1. One constant I have observed, is that people that think they are getting away with something, always seem to go too far. I’ve seen it many times. In the case at hand, they’ve gone from representing teachers, to promoting the political viewpoints of certain members. I doubt that every teacher is 100% behind these viewpoints, but speaking up would amount to career suicide. So the political agenda becomes ever more extreme and the move in that direction becomes self-energizing. Eventually, someone will realize that there’s nothing behind this, and that will be the end of it, but a lot of damage can happen in the meantime.

  2. Privatization of the schools would be a dream come true. Why do you think God has allowed all this technology to be invented? To further the Kingdom of Christ. The education of children is the parents responsibility not the government’s – it is nowhere in the Constitution.

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