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A New Candidate, with a New Plan!

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The former Exalted Eunuch of the Babylonian Revival Party has entered the race for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination–and according to an unreliable source, he’s already polling like gangbusters.

Nabopolassar Jones, a phrenologist from somewhere in Michigan, is running for president on a promise to extend public employees’ retirement pensions unto the third generation. “If you’re a teacher in one of our great public schools,” says Jones, “you shouldn’t have to worry about how your children, your grandchildren, or your great-grandchildren are going to support themselves. When I’m in the White House, your pension will keep on going after you’re gone, and it will support your posterity until they’re gone.”

Jones was almost instantaneously endorsed by America’s largest teachers’ unions, the National Education Assn. and the American Federation of Teachers. “Education is our country’s most important product!” exclaimed NEA vice-commissar Mamie Bulganin. “A country can never have too many young people getting degrees in Gender Studies! But before higher education can happen, public education has to happen. And that takes money, and puh-lenty of it!”

Other public employees’ unions are expected to endorse Mr. Jones before the day is out.

Other Democrat candidates have also hopped on board. “I’ve always believed in perpetual pensions,” said Democrat front-runner Joe Biden. “It would really ease my mind if I didn’t have to worry about how my son Hunter was going to support himself after I’m gone.”

“I was just about to suggest this myself!” said Elizabeth Warren.

“Perpetual pensions for everyone, including currently incarcerated felons!” said Bernie Sanders.

Suddenly Nabopolassar Jones is the man to beat.

There’s No You in ‘You’

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I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. To leftists, nothing matters about anyone except for what’s on the outside.

They may not even realize there can be anything on the inside. It may be that such things as character, ability, or personality are so irrelevant to liberals that they might not believe such things exist. For them there’s only your skin color, your “gender,” and whatever else is on the outside.

And above and beyond that, an insatiable lust for power over other people.

To teachers’ unions, human children are empty bags that can be filled with whatever they want to put in there. Everybody’s empty, so why not fill them? Stuff in as much progressive twaddle as you can. It’ll prime them for college.

This is all so weird, so hard to unpack. “Progressive” thought, if we may even call it “thought,” is a labyrinth from which no one can emerge with intact mind. A lot of folks will never emerge at all. The questions it raises are unanswerable. Why, for instance, are “minorities”–supposedly wise and virtuous, just by being who they are–always shown as totally helpless and incompetent without self-hating white liberals to lead them? Figure that one out and win a Day-Glo orange traffic cone.

We are made in God’s image. It is Satan’s plan to mar that image and ultimately destroy it altogether. In destroying us, he unmakes God’s creation. This scheme he pitches to nincompoops, as he has always pitched it, as a path to becoming gods themselves. A path to citizenship in Hell.

We have spent several decades listening to these people and allowing them to kill our culture.

Now would be a very good time to stop.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 5 (‘How Chick-fil-A Went Sour’)

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The lesson we should be learning from this is that The Swamp is everywhere.


The action we should be taking is to stop the creation of Swamp creatures by defunding the colleges and getting government–and teachers’ unions!–out of education altogether.

Because The Swamp is wrecking our country.

‘Agatha Christie’s Deprived Childhood’ (2013)

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Agatha Christie at the age of five

It’s hard to imagine the horror of a childhood without gender-coaching, video games, or public schooling–but that’s what poor Agatha Christie had to overcome.


This is what happens in a country where the teachers’ unions don’t bankroll a major political party. Kids like little Agatha slip through the cracks. They wind up spending altogether too much time with their parents and knowing hardly anything about the joys of socialism.

Really, it’s just too dreadful–!

‘When Monsters Attack Your School’ (2016)

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Thanks to the special effects magic of Tim Haines, we can see what happens when an oversized Gorgonopsian from the Triassic period… decides to break into a grammar school and eat people.


(Technical note: They were ugly critters, but they were nowhere near that big.)

This is only slightly worse than stuff that goes on in public schools every single day. “Gender spectrum,” anyone? We can’t do anything about disasters involving imaginary prehistoric animals.

But we can and by all means should pull children out of schools run by Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions.

‘#RedforEd’ Demands AZ Teachers Join Walkout

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How “red” are they?

The head honcho of the Arizona teachers’ union has called upon union members to “intimidate” teachers who won’t join a May Day walkout planned by the “#RedforEd” movement within several teachers’ unions nationwide (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/04/23/watch-az-teachers-union-head-pressures-teachers-to-intimidate-colleagues-to-join-redfored-walk-outs/). By “intimidate” he means “coerce and bully,” not to mention “threaten.”

It makes me think of Abe Vigoda playing a union boss in a Rockford Files episode. Asked about some of the activities of union goons, the boss replies, “We call them labor  consultants now.”

Supposedly this is about higher pay and, ahem, a better education for the kiddies. In 2016 Arizona teachers ranked 43rd in the nation in salary. It’s about mo’ money. But critics think it’s also about clamping down a Far Left Crazy ideology on all teachers in all the public schools… as if they didn’t already have one.

Anyway, they’ve got the union boss on video calling for strongarm tactics, a la Jimmy Hoffa in the bad old days, and we’ll have to see just how radical those tactics turn out to be.

Do you trust these people to educate your children?

Would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

Pre-Election Post-Election Thoughts

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As you read this, I’m probably behind the wheel of my car, trying to find the doctor’s cunningly-concealed office so my wife can begin to have her tests. Remember, we couldn’t find it last week: Mapquest gave us a bum steer.

Anyway, I’m typing this yesterday so it will appear here today, and that makes it hard for me to say anything wise, let alone coherent, about our recently-concluded midterm elections. Despite heavy, nasty rains, my local polling place had a rather high turnout–which struck me as unusual. Like, our town’s evil Democrats are running unopposed, so why all the excitement? We do have a senatorial race, but this benighted state of New Jersey hasn’t had a Republican senator since I was a kid in college.

Looming up in the background, still some distance off, is this year’s Supreme Court decision that unions can no longer suck money out of their members’ paychecks for use in politics. This practice is how the teachers’ union came to own New Jersey. Watch what happens to liberalism once people are no longer forced to contribute money to Democrat political campaigns.

Point 2: Regardless of the outcome of the election, the chief enabler of Far Left Crazy is our hideously overpriced public education system, which indoctrinates whole generations into socialism, sexual hyperactivity, hatred of America, racism of the anti-white variety, and anti-Christianity. Stop funding public schools and colleges, and they’ll have to stop funding and cultivating Far Left Crazy.

Christian children belong in Christian schools, either at home or somewhere around the block. Stop letting people who hate you “educate” your children.

Unless you like what they’re teaching them.

P.S.–Confound it!!! Phone call after phone call, distraction after distraction–and naturally I wind up posting tomorrow’s post today, and wasting time… &%$#&@!

‘Living With Fantasy’ (2010)

This, I think, is the first post I wrote for this blog. And my friend Bob Jason, in Canada, made the very first comment.

Otherwise, not much has changed in eight years!



‘Living With Fantasy’ (2010)

I think this must have been the first post I ever wrote for this blog. My friend Bob Jason made the very first comment ever received here.

But judging from the content, nothing much has changed since 2010.


Stalin U.: 51% of Collidge Students Want Restrictions on Speech

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If the university had a god, it would be Stalin.

Don’t look now, but our right to bear arms isn’t the only item on the Bill of Rights that’s under threat. They’ve also got their sights set on the First Amendment, which guarantees to us freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion.

Gotta hand it to those universities. They are doing a bang-up job of undermining everything that used to be America. This is “fundamental transformation” with a vengeance.

And so a recent poll of some 800 college students nationwide finds that a majority, 51%, say “there need to be more restrictions made on free speech, especially any speech that could be viewed as hateful or unacceptable” ( http://www.educationnews.org/higher-education/poll-majority-of-college-students-want-restrictions-on-free-speech/).

Hmm… “hateful” or “unacceptable”… what would be hateful or unacceptable speech?

Why, anything and everything that could be “viewed” as such by brainwashed morons at a college! Anything can wind up being viewed as hateful. Just try saying “Marriage is a man and a woman,” and see what happens. Just try expressing any opinion but the politically correct opinion, and see what they do to you.

Don’t blame the kids. Their minds have been worked over but good, starting in kindergarten.

This is what you get after thirteen years of indoctrination by members of the teachers’ unions, plus whatever they’ve had time to do to you in collidge.

Here is my message:

America is educating itself to death.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

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