*Sigh* So Much for Reblogs

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Well, WordPress finally admitted this afternoon that I have no reblog capability and I’m not gonna get any, either.

On the off chance that maybe, somehow, my reblog function got restored–like when you’re looking everywhere for your cat, high and low: and the next thing you know, she’s sitting in the middle of the living room floor, washing–I tried today to reblog a post from Joshua’s blog, “Spread the Word.” It didn’t work. Wouldn’t work for the WordPress “happiness engineer,” either.

Oh, I could study a special video and learn how to do some ridiculously complicated workaround… but that would only give me a hot head. And I can’t contact Jill, my tech support, because AOL Mail is down. Oh, fap.

Things are not working in Computer-Land.

Again, if you’re wondering why I’ve stopped reblogging posts from your blog, the answer is, I haven’t. I have been stopped from doing it. As Sir Thomas Malory would say, That me repenteth.

11 comments on “*Sigh* So Much for Reblogs

  1. I don’t know if you’ll get anything you need to know from this, but when I click your post in my email, it shows the entire post you reblogged. I can see the video and what you reblogged from Josh’s blog. But when I go directly to the post on here, then it’s gone.

    1. Now I wonder if I can count on that happening every time I try to reblog. It’d certainly be better than nothing.
      Maddening, though–from my end, I see nothing.

  2. Thank you for trying, Mr. Duigon! I have absolutely no idea why they disappear. It’s a mystery…
    By the way, do you use Reader? (I hardly ever use Reader.)

    1. The same posts, though, also have a Reblog button which I used without a problem until recently. Is that thing up there a Share button? I don’t remember how it works.

    2. Yes, it’s a share button. If you click on it, probably there will be something that says “share on your blog.” I do that when I share others’ posts.

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