Virtue-Signalling Council Bans Meat

The awful rise of 'virtue signalling' | The Spectator Australia

Nothing appeals to a leftid like a totally useless grandstand play. Like this:

The Enfield Borough Council (part of London, England) (oops–am I allowed to say “England”?) has banned meat at all council events “to help fight the climate crisis,” blah-blah ( Only vegetarian and vegan dishes will be served. It’s part of their “2020 climate action plan.”

Hint: if your town has a “climate action plan,” you need to live somewhere else.

Furthermore, the council has promised to convert its “fleet” of vehicles to 100% electric by 2030. Where do these nitwits think electricity comes from? Shut down all fossil fuel production and see what happens to your electric power.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Cambridge University has banned meat, too! And they’re a university, chock-full of Real Smart People!

We’d make out better by banning universities.

A personal note: We went to Whole Foods today to buy filet mignon for our anniversary dinner tomorrow, and guess what? The place was closed due to a power outage.

You can’t have modern civilization without electricity; and you can’t have electricity without fossil fuels.

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