I’m PO’d at WordPress

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I’ve been back and forth with WordPress for two weeks, trying to get my Reblog function restored. At first they kept saying they were working on it. But yesterday came the final word: No. No reblog for you.

Bottom line is, I had Reblog, I made good use of it, and then they took it away and won’t give it back. Why won’t they give it back? Something about a Business plan or whatevvuh: snow the poor user with a lot of computer lingo, he might give up and go away.

I like to share posts with you from other Christian bloggers. And it boosts my readership, too. Why won’t WordPress let me do that anymore? Ooh-ooh, wait, I know! I’ll bet they have a policy! You don’t need to think if you have a policy!

My tech support does not know why I’ve lost my Reblog, nor does she know how I can get it back. And WordPress is making out like I never had it in the first place!

What have I ever done to them? Why don’t they just give me back my Reblog and then I’ll shut up about it?

Well, they’re not the only company that thumbs its nose at its customers, are they?

10 comments on “I’m PO’d at WordPress

  1. But, but, but …. I thought technology was the answer to all our problems. (Well, I guess “tough luck” is a kind of answer, right?)

  2. I will chime in that WordPress strikes me as having been coasting for years now. I’ve seen their login feature go from bad to worse and they seem all but determined to frame their own doom, in the long run. Like so many tech companies, they seem to hire people whom are long on knowledge, but lack the ability to apply that knowledge and seem to have virtually no understanding of how it all fits together.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Lee. If ever do a blog it won’t be with Word Press. Aren’t there alternatives?

  4. WordPress? Say it isn’t so. Dr. Gary North only trusts WordPress and YouTube as places to preserve one’s work. I know WordPress doesn’t like my computer. Sometimes it posts my comments and sometimes it doesn’t – didn’t use to do that. And I don’t get comment notices in my email anymore – bummer.

  5. SMH means shaking my head; can you check your spam filter if my comments got caught up there? I don’t know why it does that for random comments with no rhyme or reason when I comment on your blog

    1. I found only one of your comments in the Spam bucket, but dozens and dozens by some Far Left loser who thinks I’m going to read them.

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