Bride & Groom Face Masks: Enough is Enough

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This picture is proof that this whole face mask-social distancing-extreme risk avoidance has gone more than far enough and it’s time for it to stop.

What kind of nitwits are we, to wear face masks at our own wedding? If you’re so scared of getting the coronavirus cooties from your bride, don’t marry her.

We have let politicians, tunnel-visioned scientists who know absolutely nothing outside their own narrow fields, and scare-mongering lying noozies to stampede us into a whole “new normal” that must be gotten rid of starting today. This has simply gone too far.

If you’re already sick with something serious, if you’re confined to a nursing home–well, then, yeah, you’ve got something to be afraid of. But if you’re anybody else, this has just raised stupid to a high level never before achieved.

Stop, stop, stop! Turn around and go back! Enough is enough.

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  1. It isn’t about illness any more — and I doubt whether it ever was. It’s about control. Those who would be our overlords have been training people to accept the sign of obedience (Mark of the Beast?) and to fear and distrust each other. And notice that it wasn’t enough to get the sheeple to wear ordinary masks. Suddenly everyone was being urged to make or buy personalized, decorative masks, sometimes even anti-masking masks, so the masking would become reinforced as part of the wearers’ identity. In other words, one must wear the mask cheerfully, not just obediently or grudgingly.

    And notice what’s happening next? Face shields! Goggles! Yay! Dr. Birx says we can even decorate them, because “Americans are very resourceful.” Yay again! Let’s all run out and humiliate ourselves for our masters again! And once we’re used to the face shields and/or goggles….

    (As a side note: I actually saw a middle-aged man wearing a face shield at church yesterday. He looked ridiculous, like a child playing at Space Rangers. But if the shields do catch on, eventually no one will think them ridiculous, and the people without the shields will be the ones who look odd.)

    But of course our masters and their Praetorian Guard (antifa, BLM, etc.) don’t have to bother with masks and all the rest, until it’s time for a riot and then the masks are for disguises. As I said at the beginning, it isn’t about illness at all. So no, there will never be enough.

    1. I only wear a mask when I absolutely have to, and even then I wear a plain boring surgical mask. Nothing personalized or fancy looking. I refuse to allow myself to get used to them. Masks are little more than pacifiers. The give people a false sense of security, but that’s about it. The face shields make zero sense to me. The are the least effective against a virus.

  2. Not like the days of the Boston Tea Party, is it? I knew, when they began touting the P C that we were entering a dangerous period. I did not yet know just how ridiculous it would become, but I’m afraid we “aint seen nothin’ yet”.

  3. Gov. of PA has cancelled all high school sports, and the bands have to play their instruments while wearing a mask – will someone lead a recall of this Gov. Let’s all head to South Dakota where the motorcycle rally is taking place – over 250,000 participants who are not social distancing or wearing masks, just living like freedom-loving Americans.

    1. I’ve been predicting that almost from the beginning. And I think they’ll be trying to do it regardless of the outcome of the election.

  4. I had an interesting conversation with a good friend yesterday about this very subject and we both feel that this is about submission. It may not be the entirety of the Mark of the Beast, in fact I’m certain that it isn’t, but I am equally certain that this is a step in that direction.

    1. 1) Kill their self-confidence. 2) Kill their self-respect. 3) Keep them at odds with one another. These are the ingredients of leftist rule.

    2. It’s a form on conditioning. I’m always amazed at people who blindly do what the “experts” tell them without doing any critical thinking of their own.

  5. My daughters wear masks – and they won’t even talk to me about the pros and cons of it. I even resorted to emailing them about why I won’t wear a mask. They never responded. Keep in mind that we all live in the same household! They have an “apartment” upstairs. Once, a daughter offered me a mask before heading into a store and was shocked when I said no. She said it was “considerate”. I told her it was rude. But then, some time before, the same daughter was saying how she hopes masks become a fashion statement, because then they don’t have to worry about trying to make facial expressions.

    Something happened to my daughters, and I don’t know how to address it when they won’t even talk to me about it.

    1. It alarms me, the alacrity with which people in supposedly free countries fell into line with the face mask regime.
      But there’s this weird, queer ideology afoot which insists that *nothing bad can ever happen* as long as government does its job; and if anything bad does happen, it has to be the fault of some Enemy of the People for not obeying the government’s dictates.
      This is not suitable for a republic inhabited by adults.

    2. Agreed.

      One of the things I’ve noticed is the techniques used to push for mask wearing. Gaslighting, coercion, bullying and psychological abuse. And that’s on top of government disinformation and propaganda campaigns. As someone whose family fought against, suffered under and even helped overturn socialism, communism and fascism since WWI, I recognize what’s going on. This makes it even more of a shock to see my daughters falling for it.

    3. Yes! Looks great. I checked the comment tree to see how indented they are, too, and they are quite readable, even as they get narrower.

      She did excellent. ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. Yes!

      Everything looks great and fits right. Even as the comment tree gets further indented, it is still readable.

      Well done., Jill. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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