Just for Joe, Retool Your Vocabulary

Why Joe Biden is disqualified | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Best Impersonation of Dracula by a Presidential Candidate: Joe Biden

You can learn some really surprising things, if you listen to the nooze media.

On Friday I learned that the queer things that Joe Biden says are not wrong, are not stupid, not loopy, not condescending nor insulting, not packed full of bile, not ignorant, not racist–hell’s bells, they’re none o’ those things. They’re just… inartful. “Awkwardly expressed,” sez Wikipedia, “but not necessarily untrue.” I can’t believe I got by for 71 years without that word.

Today I learned that Dodderin’ Joe is not suffering from a cognitive decline, not visibly drifting into dementia. Nope! None of those things are happening. What you see and here is… only a right-wing conspiracy theory! A guy who has a nooze show says so, so it must be true.

Honk if you believe either one of these assertions. And keep honking till they come for you.

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    1. I think I’m the only one who saw the Biden vs. Paul “The Weasel” Ryan vice presidential debate–in which Biden stopped just short of swinging from the light fixtures and throwing feces.

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