‘Teachers’ Want Parents to Butt Out

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Here they are, “Red for Ed.” “Red” as in openly communist. Your tax dollars at work.

American public education is the most costly fiasco in all of history.

And now it’s come to this–“teachers” and “educators” complaining about “outsiders”–that’s what they call parents–“overhearing the discourse” and not liking what they hear.

Well, that’s the virtual classroom for you. With the schools closed on account of the coronavirus panic, and millions of kids doing “remote learning,” unionized “teachers” are upset. A big-name, er, educator, Mathew Kay, has voiced his fear of “many potential spectators… overhearing the discourse. What does this do for our equity/inclusion work?” That’s teacher-talk for leftist indoctrination.

Kay views the students’ parents as a threat to “honest conversations about gender/sexuality.” That’s more teacher-talk for indoctrination. He wants some kind of “secure barriers” erected to keep parents from hearing what their kids are being taught.

How in the world did we ever let it come to this? We’ve been warning you for years that this is what our classrooms have become. You didn’t listen, did you? “Oh, no, not in our schools!” Uh, yes in your schools. Most emphatically yes. Even the math lessons are tainted by Far Left propaganda.

If we had half the common sense we think we have, we’d all pull our kids out of public schools and watch the teachers’ unions shrivel up and die.

4 comments on “‘Teachers’ Want Parents to Butt Out

  1. They can stick it in their ear. When our younger son was having trouble in school, we hired a tutor to work from home, and I also helped, and he learned more in 2 months than he had in 5 years in the school.

  2. I ask myself, “Why don’t parents pull their children out of the schools once they’ve heard about this?” And then I answer myself, “Because, considering that most of the teachers are in the same age range as the parents, the parents probably went through the same kind of indoctrination that the teachers did, and they don’t know anything different.” 🙁

    But then again, since the teachers do talk about having to break the students of politically incorrect thinking, there must still be some normal families out there. Why they don’t pull their kids out is hard to understand — except that either they don’t know of any alternatives or they can’t afford them.

  3. That’s some real gall right there. “We’re going to teach your kids whatever we want to, and don’t you dare stick your nose in it.” Whose kids are these anyway?

    1. If they had EVER tried anything like this when I was ten years old, they would have been chased out of town by parents armed with pitchforks.
      I’ve been writing for years about the arrogance of teachers’ unions; but even so, I was appalled by this.

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