Mushrooms on Our Lawn

Mushrooms in the Yard: To Eat or Not to Eat has been a Common ...

Yesterday there were a few little white mushrooms on our lawn, a few steps from my writing chair. I wasn’t surprised: we’ve gotten a lot of heavy rain lately, and wet weather often brings out mushrooms.

But when I looked out the window this morning, one of those mushrooms was as big as a softball and the others were hurrying to catch up.

Are they edible? Is Russian roulette safe to play? Is ignorance a reliable protection from naturally occurring poisons?

I suppose I ought to remove them, just to be on the safe side. I wouldn’t want any animals eating these. But they do look attractive against the bright green backdrop of the grass. I wonder if deer or foxes or unsupervised dogs would eat them. I’d hate to pull them up if they can’t do any harm.

4 comments on “Mushrooms on Our Lawn

  1. I don’t recognize these as one of the edible varieties, therefore, I think I would get rid of them.

  2. I’ve seen squirrels eating mushrooms in our yard. I assume they know what’s editable and not.

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