S.O.S! Mayday, Mayday…

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I’ve just been informed that my blog is using “an old, retired theme” that’s falling apart bit by bit and losing function and will therefor have to be replaced. First I lost my reblog function, now I can’t access my own older posts.

So Jill at Chalcedon HQ is going to design and install a new theme, and heaven help me if it doesn’t work. Everything will probably look different. And if it works differently… well, that’s all I need. I’ll go right round the bend.

In July we lost three weeks’ worth of Internet access, and now the blog has sprung several leaks which must be addressed before the whole thing capsizes like the island of Guam if they put any more Marines on it.

I pray I’ll see you all tomorrow.

5 comments on “S.O.S! Mayday, Mayday…

  1. Amen. I hope it works out right. I have been having all kinds of glitches, too. Had to buy a new printer and that has a lot of new kinks, always something.

  2. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You can’t get rid of some of us, no matter what. Good luck. Am still praying.

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