Gee, It’s Hot!

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We are under another heat advisory today, and I doubt I’ll have the opportunity to lie down in a nest of ice cubes. I could try, I suppose.

But the business at hand is to proceed with writing Behold! The Lord hasn’t yet shown me where this story’s headed–just a few tantalizing hints. What’s going to happen with those strange ships off the coast of Durmurot? Ebed the spy, who’s maybe eleven years old, is the only one who can find out…

Am I writing this so I don’t have to go outside?

Grab the pen, legal pad, and cigar–and go to work!

2 comments on “Gee, It’s Hot!

  1. Our hot weather is threatened for next week, but this morning is really perfect. I enjoyed a little time on the front deck, just enjoying the scenery and the exquisite comfort. Well, next, on to writing the study for tomorrow.

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