‘In Front of the Heavenly Tribunal’ (2015)

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Remember, years ago, when hackers got into the files of the Ashley Madison Dating Service? Most embarrassing–a “dating service” set up to facilitate adultery.

In Front of the Heavenly Tribunal

Once upon a time even pagans knew there would be judgment after death. Unlike them, we have a defender and a savior, Jesus Christ the Son of God–without whom our sins would devour us.

But you can’t just keep pretending that they weren’t sins.

4 comments on “‘In Front of the Heavenly Tribunal’ (2015)

  1. I know, the current culture is going down the tube very quickly. The thought of hearing the words “depart from Me, I never knew you..” are so horrifying. It will happen to many.

  2. Sometimes the current culture feels as if all Hell is bubbling up into our world without our having to descend on that elevator. I never thought I’d be living through times like these.

    And I know I said this the first time I read your article, but I’ll say it again: “Great punch line, Lee.” 🙂

  3. To all the Dennis Bottwitz’s out there: REPENT. Today we hired a handyman to do some work on our house. As I talked to him so as to open a door to witness Christ, he said the world has become a Sodom & Gomorrah and God is probably going to do something about it. He was raised a Southern Baptist.

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