Bath-Time for Kitty

There are probably reasons to give your cat a bath, most of them due to something having happened that you wish hadn’t happen. I’ve never had a cat who took the slightest pleasure in getting wet. Not even a little bit wet. Nevertheless, the cats in this video don’t seem to mind it. At the risk of being accused of othering, let me say that every cat is different.

7 comments on “Bath-Time for Kitty

  1. I had a cat that loved water, but it’s relatively rare. My current feline is fascinated with it and once she hopped into the shower, but stayed out of the way of the water.

  2. I couldn’t get this video to open, but I have seen cats that didn’t mind baths. I once had two Siamese who were so fascinated when I got in the tub that they walked around the edge until they slipped in, and though they didn’t think it was great, they didn’t make too much fuss.

    1. My Siamese is like that. She’s fascinated with water, and loves to tempt fate, but she would prefer not to actually get wet. So, her life is a series of water encounters, and even when she does get wet, she usually gives that spot a perfunctory lick or two, then goes straight back to daring the water, once again.

  3. Yes, finally. I don’t know why these computers and programs are so …what shall we say? sometimes they operate perfectly, the for no discernible reason, poof.

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