‘Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus!’

Your Favorite Hymns continues; and we start the day with an old Sunday school favorite, Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus! Sung by the students from Fountainview Academy: this was on their European tour, we are not told exactly where.

6 comments on “‘Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus!’

  1. I love these young people! They are beautiful, and serve God so well.

    My only problem is that I have trouble making out the words. Sometimes I can read their lips, but they don’t always give us close ups of the singers. I get discouraged.

    I do wish they would run the words across the bottom of the screen or something. Is there a way to get the message to them? I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    1. Oh, well. We can’t always get the video with lyrics. I find I almost never can make out the words when people are singing them. But the hymn still glorifies God.

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