I’ve Learned a New Word!

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Kowabunga! I’ve learned a new word. (No, it’s not “kowabunga.”) Trust the wonderful world of collidge to crank out new words.

Today’s new word is “othering,” which is now prohibited in a certain Iowa State Looniversity English class (https://www.lacortenews.com/n/iowa-professor-warns-students-might-get-dismissed-if-they-oppose-pro-choice-or-black-lives-matter-positions). In fact, you can get kicked right out of class for “othering.” More specifically, if you offer the slightest criticism of abortion or of Only Black Communist Rioter Lives Matter, you’re outta there.

(Question! Why does anybody want to take that course?)

But what is “othering”?

It’s treating another person or another group as different from oneself or one’s own group.

Whoa! Hold on there! What just happened to “Diversity”? I mean, how do you have diversity if you refuse to acknowledge differences among people–even to admit that differences exist?

I believe the argument goes “Die, capitalist viper!”

Why would anybody in his right mind want to go to Iowa State to be… er, “educated”? Why would any parents want to send their children there? Honest to Pete, was this all you could think of doing with your money?

College. It’s killing America.


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  1. So, we must have diversity, but without “othering”. Well that is a bit tricky, isn’t it? Reminds me of a conversation I heard (didn’t want to, but it was on) between a capitalist and a communist. The communist thought there should be no one who is above others in money and assets. Well, China is run by communists isn’t it? Turns out there are more Chinese living in dire poverty and slavery than most countries, and then they have their filthy rich, so how do they figure?

    1. Marx described the disparity as a temporary thing: the “dictatorship of the proletariat” that withers away when true communism arrives and the class system disappears. Too bad Communist countries never reach that stage, and the “dictatorship of the proletariat” always turns out to be permanent and not to have any proletarians doing the dictating.

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