The Nuts Who Want to Rule the Country

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(Clarification: This is not a satire.)

So the Democrat National Convention has these panels, don’t ask me how you get chosen to be on one, whose job apparently is to help the platform committee decide what brand of snake oil to sell America.

Tuesday’s panel frolics featured some character who “identifies as”–that’s all you need to hear, to know what’s coming–“a Black-Vietnamese, transgender nonbinary/gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King” ( He/she/it wants to abolish ICE, police, and prisons. He/she/it claims to be “a licensed minister of the Progressive National Baptist Church,” which claims to be a “mainline” Protestant denomination.

People like this wacko want to run our country. They’re all in the Democrat Party. Some of them are somewhat less obvious than the example above.

This is what you’ll be asked to vote for in November.

God preserve us.

11 comments on “The Nuts Who Want to Rule the Country

    1. It looks like only the regular viewers are going to be here today.

      I wonder if people are just getting burned out, reading so much bad nooze. I’m kind of burned out, writing about it. I continue to do it because I think it’s my duty.

      How did we ever reach this stage of translating sheer lunacy into public policy? Why are people who ought to be in mental hospitals advising a major party’s platform committee?

      None of today’s posts has garnered as much as ten reads.

      I’m afraid a lot of people are getting demoralized.

  1. The news has become rather depressing, of late. I wish I had a solution to offer. We can personally maintain our integrity, but we can’t turn the tide if human society insists on its own destruction. All we can do is our personal best and leave the rest with God.

  2. I could hear John Lennon singing “Imagine” in the background while reading the article you shared about this…um…person (not sure which noun/pronoun applies here). “Imagine there’s no cops…to keep the peace and prevent people from mugging you in broad daylight.” Or worse.

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