‘Britain’s New Breed of Girly Men'(2016)

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They hate their history, as they hate themselves.

In 1940-41 Britain stood alone against the mighty of Nazi Germany. Her cities endured daily and nightly bombings. The RAF’s “so few” went up against the Luftwaffe–and won.

Now Britain rejects her history.

Britain’s New Breed of Girly Men

If they’d had back then the kind of men they have today, Hitler would’ve conquered them in two or three days.

Everywhere we look, wicked fools are trying to “fundamentally transform” their countries into wretched failures. This is satanic in its origin, disguised as a quest for utopia.

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  1. However, if Germany’s men back then had been like Germany’s men today, Hitler wouldn’t have had the army he had then. Of course, he’d still have had his storm troopers and Gestapo, though, just as the UK has its “anti-hate” police patrols, but you can’t conquer the world with storm troopers alone, especially when their job is to wipe out your country’s patriots (as in the UK, where any resistance to the Muslim invasion is considered a “hate” crime).

  2. There is not a person alive today that doesn’t owe a debt of gratitude to Winston Churchill. He’s certainly not the only hero from the era, but he was one of the first to realize what was happening and what the ramifications were.

    Those times were much like our own, with Neville Chamberlain seeking to appease his way out of hostility, instead of facing it head on. Neville Chamberlain and Joseph P. Kennedy would have been more than happy to hand Democracy and freedom over to its enemies. Kennedy famously stated “Democracy is finished in England. It may be here”. The appeasement of these men only served to strengthen the forces of tyranny and mass murder.

    Churchill saw what was happening and spoke out, but he was all but ignored at first. Eventually the tide of opinion turned and it was realized that Churchill was onto something. Shortly thereafter, his star rose dramatically and he served as Prim Minister during Britain’s Darkest Hour. As much as victory could be attributed to any individual, Churchill’s determination and character served to give the British people a reason to believe that they could successfully fight back.

    As I write this, I am a comfortable home, comfortable even though the outside temperature is over 100 degrees F. I am well nourished, healthy and enjoy a measure of prosperity. The fact that I, and other Americans born since WW II, have lived as well as we have, is because the Allies were willing to fight back. Had Hitler taken Great Britain and succeeded in his conquest of the world, the countries of North America might well have survived, but would have been economically isolated and subject to economic pressure from an Eastern Hemisphere under the control of totalitarian tyrants. The US could well have been an economically stifled country without the ability to even defend its own shores.

    Thanks Winston.

    1. I haven’t, but now that I know about it, I will get there soon. I read Death of a President, roughly 50 years ago, and loved it.

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