Doggie Cones for People (no joke)

The governor of Maine–Democrat, of course–has ordered restaurant staff to wear doggie cones as an anti-COVID-19 measure. ‘Cause you gotta direct your breath up instead of down (

Can you say “symbol of submission”? Maybe they’ll put people on leashes next.

It’s the same damned thing as all those UN wallahs trying to get regular people to eat bugs.

Tyrants govern by eroding people’s self-respect. Go ahead, try to get taken seriously while wearing a doggie cone.

Turning America into one gigantic collidge kampus…

9 comments on “Doggie Cones for People (no joke)

  1. Interesting things will happen when the waitress pictured above tries to put the plates down on the table without being able to look down. Of course, she could always bend her head over to see past the cone, but that would put her nose right over the table, wouldn’t it? Okay, so the cones would probably be clear plastic (like the downward-facing face shields) instead of the solid color shown in the picture, but has anyone heard the saying “What goes up must come down”? Spit into the air and see what happens. Besides, germs fly in many directions. Humiliation goes only one way: from the overlords to their underlings.

    1. The Left has always controlled people by demoralizing them, taking away their self-respect, and dehumanizing them. These are the Left’s pillars of wisdom.

  2. Utterly despicable. These are people who can’t afford to protest the measures, for fear of losing a job they need. So they’ll just submit, and everyone will pretend that it makes sense and it’s necessary.
    I am tired. Literally just tired of the nonsense.

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