Writing ‘Behold!’–in the Heat

The Glass Bridge (Bell Mountain, #7) by Lee Duigon

Oy vay, it’s hot today! But if I want to keep on writing Behold!, I’ve got to take the heat. What I wouldn’t give, though, to be out on that boat with Gurun, with cold water splashing my face.

Unexpectedly, it seems the wine of Durmurot will have a role in moving my plot forward. My wife has developed a taste for the golden wine of Durmurot, but you can’t get it around here. Heck, we can’t even get American-grown parsley, these days.

We had a couple of cooler days last week, and that left us unprepared to face the return of the perishingly hot weather. I’ve just been out there finishing up a chapter, and I’m knackered. Time for an enormous glass of iced tea.

Elijah Holsten’s sister, Faith, 12 years old, has asked me for some writing tips. In the spirit of today’s weather, Tip No. 1 is simple: Just keep at it. If your work that day isn’t all it could be, you can always smarten it up later. That’s why my first draft is always written longhand, on a legal pad. Keep the story moving. Stylistic niceties I add when I move on to the typed draft I’ll submit to my editor.

Thank God for air conditioning!

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  1. Do you plan out your books, Lee, or do you just start writing? I’ve toyed around with writing fiction, but it seems daunting without a plan.

    1. I used to plan them down to the smallest detail, but I haven’t done that with my Bell Mountain books. I ask God to give me the story, and He does. I ask Him for characters, and He provides them. It’s worked so far!

  2. Willis Carrier invented air conditioning at the turn of the 20th century, but the chemicals he used were too dangerous so some other person invented Freon. What a blessing, right? But now they say Freon makes holes in the Ozone. Give them time to figure out how the current refrigerant is harmful some how. Science, can’t live with it and can’t live without it 🙂

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