Ferocious Kittens

Genuine False Fact (impress your friends!): In 1958 the entire village of Smedlyburg, Manchuria, was wiped out by killer kittens, just like the ones on this video.

Don’t watch this if you’ve got a dodgy ticker. When I say fierce bad kittens, I mean fierce bad kittens. You could faint.

3 comments on “Ferocious Kittens

  1. Wouldn’t that just scare the daylights out of anyone?! They must see themselves as roaring tigers.

  2. Cats are such an interesting mix of docility and fierceness. The sweet, cuddly little cat that can spend hours sleeping in my lap as I work, can change in an instant into a stalking predator and she’s dead serious about it. Apparently the instincts that make them so efficient in the wild are never far from the surface, no matter how docile they appear. This kitten is just reminding us of that. 🙂

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