Prof Wants ‘Moral Enhancers’ in Your Drinking Water

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Seek and ye shall find. Seeking something to write about for Newswithviews this week, I found this.

A professor of “ethics” at Western Michigan University has called for “moral enhancements” to increase Americans’ “ability to be empathetic or altruistic or cooperative” ( This is supposed to end the COVID-19 pandemic. And, he added, it can also be used to make people believe in Climate Change.

How quickly can we defund our looniversities? How much time do we have before they bury us in wickedness and stupidity?

We are not told what these “morality enhancements” would be–only that the government could and should add them to our water supply. What kind of “ethics” does this jidrool teach? I mean, he’s talking about some kind of pill to make everybody do whatever it is he wants us to do. He’s not shy about using the word “coercion.”

People pay him to teach this horse-schiff to their children.

God help us.

5 comments on “Prof Wants ‘Moral Enhancers’ in Your Drinking Water

  1. A “moral enhancer” according to the immorality of the enhancers. They VILL change our attitude, even if it kills us.

  2. If I thought the human race was ruining the climate I would be alarmed, but I see no evidence of it. So the fact that all these academics are pushing climate change is in itself an example of their having taken some kind of morality enhancement pill themselves.

    1. The jerk never tells us, though, what the “moral enhancement” would be, exactly. All we know is that this “ethics professor” wants to take away our free will.

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