‘Ezekiel Emanuel: We’re Living Too Long’ (2014)

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What? You wouldn’t trust the government to decide how long you ought to live?

Ezekiel Emanuel: We’re Living Too Long

Well, maybe they can slip something into your drinking water that’ll change your mind. And they can certainly “educate” your kids in public school to adopt a whole new value system devised by, oh, Chuck Schumer or someone like that.

Actually, it’s not that we really are living too long. With so many Democrats in the environment, it only feels like a very long time. Ten minutes of listening to them seems like an hour and ten minutes.

Rest assured that death panels would have only the best of intentions when exhorting you to kill yourself or let their, um, doctor do it.

6 comments on “‘Ezekiel Emanuel: We’re Living Too Long’ (2014)

  1. God decides when we die. Repudiating God justifies de-popers’ paganism. In many cases when things seem unreasonable, there’s an anti-God valence. Everybody wants to rule the world and leftist puppets are gaining traction. City by city, state by state, country by country – It Is Written.

  2. James Watson of the double helix structure fame at one time said people should be euthanized when 80 years old. He is still living at the ripe age of 92 – so much for practicing what you preach.

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