The Kittens’ Den

If they’d thrown Daniel in with this bunch instead of the lions, he wouldn’t have gotten a wink of sleep.

With our cats, Robbie purrs at the drop of a hat, but Peep you’ve got to work on. These kittens have already mastered the art of purring.

8 comments on “The Kittens’ Den

  1. There is no animal I find as beautiful as a cat. They are the sleek beauties of the animal world, IMHO. Likewise, there is no sound quite like a purring cat. It is reassuring and peaceful. Prosperity is useful, but having a cat is a form of luxury in its own right.

    1. One of my cats is mad at me now because I wouldn’t let her shred a pillow. I did explain my reasoning to her, but it did no good.

  2. Too awwwww-some for words! And almost impossible to tell how many kittens there are, or which heads belong with which tails. Just darling.

  3. Well, once they woke up and untangled, I counted five as well. But while they were asleep, it was hard to tell. They were just a mound of purring fur with heads popping up hither and yon (mostly yon).

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