‘Making the Grade’ in Homeschooling

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There’s a lot of talking about re-opening the public schools this fall, pandemic notwithstanding. But we hope more people are thinking about homeschooling as a permanent solution for their families.

Chalcedon’s Andrea Schwartz has been working for homeschooling for many years. In 2005 she wrote this essay about acquiring a homeschooling mindset.


Well, if we’re not going to homeschool now–! How many news stories do we have to read about the ongoing scandal of public education? And now we’ve got “school officials” in Tennessee demanding that parents sign a waiver not to listen in on the, um, “lessons” served up to their kids in virtual classrooms.

Andrea urges homeschooling parents to be clear, in their own minds, about their mission. The Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions are pretty damned clear about their own–turn the next generation against their God, their families, and their country.

Please don’t send your children back to public school! Really, it’s not good for them.

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  1. I heard a recent discussion where Eric Metaxas expressed a great deal of optimism, in part because this lockdown has been a boon for home-schooling. Parents are getting to see the contrast for themselves, as children are learning more effectively in a home school setting. Hopefully this will affect matter, going forward.

  2. I subbed in a high school math class today. There are 20 students in each class, but only 4 or 5 show up for in-class instruction. All the rest stay at home and do it Online. Maybe when they see how much colleges and universities charge for tuition they will opt for Online diplomas and we can watch the university system as it is now collapse before our eyes.

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