‘Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds’ (2017)

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The school as sexual predator

Are you sure you want those public schools back open? Positive? ‘Cause this is the kind of stuff they’re going to be teaching in them.

Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds

Yup, Planned Parenthood is deep into public education. Remember, their goal is to stop human reproduction by any means that come to hand.

You can’t have decency and “transgender” at the same time. It’s not sane. It’s not right. And our public schools are teaching it.

Tell me again why you think our kids should learn it.

12 comments on “‘Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds’ (2017)

  1. It’s interesting to see how many of the violent BLM/Antifa rioters who have been arrested have turned out to be teachers. When they aren’t destroying in the classroom, they’re out destroying in the streets.

  2. When I was 3, the notion of sexuality was hardly an issue in my life. Other then being aware that there were men and women, boys and girls, I had no idea or interest in the matter. I can’t imagine burdening a small child with issues of sexual identity.

    1. The child, for these parents, is merely a decorative object that they can redecorate to display their own wokeness.

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