Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds

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Is this getting out of hand or what?

“So, Jason, you’re four years old today! What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“Oh, I want to be a girl! And my mommy and my school promised I could take those ‘stop puberty’ drugs real soon! I don’t know what puberty is, but I know it’s very bad!”

Planned Parenthood–whose goal is stopping human reproduction by any means available–has come out with new guidelines to “teach” pre-schoolers, three and four years old, all about transgenderism and masturbation. ( They also propose to teach parents “ways of determining whether your child is trans or not”–something that would not occur to any normal parent. But “talking with a counselor or therapist who’s familiar and supportive of LGBTQ identities–” what the Hell is this, anyway?–“is a good idea.” Oh, yeah: best idea since “ye shall be as gods.”

Planned Parenthood carries on this pogrom against sanity in the public schools, which we all pay for, and with $500 million of our own tax moneys, doled out to them every year by a Congress which is curiously inattentive to our wishes.

Have any of you, ever in your lives, seen anything take off like this push for “transgender”? Satan has scored big with this one.

If we don’t put a stop to it, God will.

Thanks (I think) to Linda for the news tip.

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  1. If one takes a giant step backwards and looks at this in the context of history, ending reproduction is an ominous goal. No civilization can survive such a thing and it’s happening already. The developed nations of the world have ever lower fertility rates and are not going to be able to sustain their own existence if things don’t change. Introducing children to sexual activity which cannot support reproduction can only hasten the process.

    If a population of a certain species of animal quits reproducing, this is taken as a sign that something is wrong. Animals usually quit reproducing when something in their environment is causing distress. I think that humans are no different.

  2. The entire LGBT movement shall be cast into the Lake of Fire along with Muhammad the pedophile and Islam. Anybody who says a boy is a girl is possessed by the devil.

  3. It would be hard to imagine anything more vile and evil perpetrated on our children. That said, there’s probably not a more fitting institution to do the dastardly deed than ‘Planned Parenthood’. This is an extension of their core belief – control the population through whatever means necessary, be it murder of the unborn or mating two reproductively impossible people. Start them young. This is as sinister as it gets. An extinction-level event straight from the pit of hell. Sanity is rapidly vanishing from our society. We will pay a very heavy price for this. God is not mocked and judgment will not be avoided. Satan hates us because we are made in the image and likeness of God. Satan hates God. Satan wants to be God. He can’t accomplish that so he wants to destroy all of us made in God’s image.

    1. “Sanity is rapidly vanishing from our society. We will pay a very heavy price for this. God is not mocked and judgment will not be avoided”

      We see it everywhere. Just going to the convenience store can be disheartening. You see some truly sad things; people that aren’t caring for themselves, morbid obesity becoming common (even in children) and a lot of people that appear to be in nearly hopeless situations. This is the fruitage of a world alienated from its Maker.

    1. Imagine someone working in a factory where they manufacture child sex dolls for pedophiles.
      “And what does your daddy do for a living, Johnny?”
      “Don’t ask!”

    2. I’m so sickened by all the evil that is happening these days, every time I see another article like this, I wonder how much worse it could possibly get. At this point, It may be more prudent not to ask. There aren’t enough words to describe how vile and evil all of this is.

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