‘One Thing We Ought to Get Rid Of…’ (2017)

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I live in a town where they strive for 24/7 supervision of children–and then, once the kids become teenagers, there’s no supervision at all. This segregation by age group has got to stop. It warps kids’ development.

One Thing We Ought to Get Rid Of…

Of course, the reason we have so much supervision is that people are afraid of sexual predators grabbing their children. And the reason we have sexual predators is that liberals refuse to lock them up, let alone put them to death.

So we have college students playing with Play-Doh all day… and that ain’t good.

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  1. It is beyond tragic. Obviously, criminals whom prey upon children are a problem and that must be dealt with. They need to be dealt with legally and, IMO, it’s all but impossible that they’ll every be trustworthy again. But children shouldn’t have to live in prison because the politically correct among our society refuse to confine child molesters to prison.

  2. When the mob started the fad of pulling down statues, President Trump insisted the law on the books be enforced which is a minimum 10 year prison sentence – the fad instantly disappeared. The same should be the case for rapists, and child molesters with the guilty sentence being capital punishment – then they would stop.

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