Sanity Break: Baby Bunnies

The nooze can wait! We’ve got baby bunnies.

Here at Chez Leester, we’ve actually had this experience. Bunny has babies in our garden, babies grow up, babies come out of the garden and hang out with you. They haven’t learned to be afraid of people.

Just a little foretaste of a thoroughly restored Creation. Probably one without The Washington Post.

6 comments on “Sanity Break: Baby Bunnies

  1. Well, aren’t these the sweetest little critters. I remember when we had the ranch years ago, we saw things like this all the time.

    1. One night a bunch of baby bunnies came out and chased each other all around me, around and around. I was glad they found a use for me.

  2. That is charming. What lovely little creatures. Some years, I will have families of rabbits in my yard, but other years, not. There’s something great about walking out the front door and seeing tiny baby rabbits hopping around. My bike rides also include many close encounters of the hoppy kind. During yesterday’s ride I saw numerous rabbits hopping around beside the road, including some that weren’t fully grown. It’s a blessing to have them around.

  3. That happens, sadly. Where I live is a great natural habitat for rabbits. They seem to thrive here. Even the large desert hares are peaceful, somewhat shy creatures.

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