We Luve Femmanist Miusik!!!!!

Lasst nihght At collidge we hadded “a” Consort to raze Bale munny fore Mosely Pieceful Potessters who “got” a restid by no-good Racist Copps!!!! And i was so exited “becose” I hered John Lenin he “was” goingto Be “thare”!!! JOHN LENIN,, man!!! Whow!! Butt at “The” lasst Minnit he coodnt maik It so we hadded to has Femmanist Miusik insted like in The Viddio!!!! Jist ignoar that Racist Biggit who keeps tawking!! He is ownly Trying “to” maik Fun “of” the gratest miusik evver!!!!!!!!

At frist thay woodnt Let “me” “in” becose i didnt has no Munny and that maid me Cry so thenn thay let me in foar Freee!!!!

Waht beuttafull miusik it whas!!!! And they done it agan and agan “fore” threee hole Ours until sumb Hater comed in whith “A” Preest to do a Exersissum and we “got” Scaired and runned aweigh wee coodnt help “it”!?!

I thinck Evry Boddy it shood “be” Cumpolsarrie to lissen “to” Femmanist Miusik Evry “day”!!!! I amb goingto Popoze “it” to The Stoodint Soviet neckst tymb we Meat!!!!!! it is watt John Lenin hisself he wood’of whanted!!!

And thenn we All “got in” Trubble foar Not Waring spacial Faice Maksks untill “the” Deen she sayed Nevvir Mined,,, the Vyris it wood nevvir Infest peeple whoo was lissening “To” Femmanist Miusik!!!!

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  1. I was thinking in terms of the serenade coyotes occasionally perform on a moonlit night. Even before he mentioned “horny foxes looking to copulate”, my mind when straight to coyotes. However, I suspect that they wouldn’t lure too many suitors, even among wild canine vermin.

    I agree with Paul Joseph Watson; IMO, if they feel this presents them, or their cause in a positive light, they are very confused.

    1. P.S.–If you’re tired of mysteries that turn silly after a few chapters, Patty and I want to recommend one to you that’s guaranteed not to turn silly at all: “A Judgement in Stone,” by Ruth Rendell. How’s this for an opening line?

      “Eunice Parchman murdered the Coverdale family because she could not read or write.”

      I can’t say this book is spiritually elevating. Rendell didn’t do spiritually elevating. But she did have a gift for peering into the depths of black and twisted hearts.

      We will lend you our copy if you like.

    2. Ruth Rendell was always a bit too dark for me. My favorites are still Marian Babson, Emma Lathen, Heron Carvic, Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr), and Ngaio Marsh. I still read them over and over, and I kept my collections of their books when I downsized. There are others I like besides, even some contemporary ones, but these are the ones I read over and over.

    3. Sometimes, as I finish reading a Ruth Rendell book, I wonder, “Why did I read that?” Judgment in Stone is ingenious, though.
      I love the way Ngaio Marsh uses language.

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