Down with the ‘1619 Project’

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Three more cheers for Donald Trump!

Now he’s taking aim at the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” intended for use in the classroom to teach kids that America was, is, and always will be all about slavery and nothing but slavery, blah-blah… He’s directed the Dept. of Education to look into reports that this anti-American hate package is actually being used, so that they can defund it wherever it exists.

And oh, the Far Left has its knickers in a twist! Predictably, they’re calling it “censoring American history” and “American journalism.” “Eradicate racism” by creating more racism! I’m surprised anyone can generate that much hypocrisy and not explode.

I know I’m not the only one who’s been asking why we should have to pay a bunch of unionized left-wing creeps to “teach” our children that our country sucks. I mean, come on–is that fair? Why in the world should our tax dollars fund these assorted hate-America programs?

It’s time we put a stop to it–and God bless President Donald Trump for starting the ball rolling.

15 comments on “Down with the ‘1619 Project’

  1. There is no end to their disgraceful tactics. Amen to your remarks about the President. He has to be strong to withstand the constant hammering away.

  2. All those forces lined up against Trump and hating and lying about him also hate us. America has been experiencing a rude awakening, and now it is time for God’s people to pray for a Great Awakening!!

  3. It’s a clever lie disguised as history to remake America into a Marxist society. They created something wrong with the constitution to give themselves a reason to change it. However, there’s “1776 Unites”, a campaign to fight for the truth. And there’s President Donald Trump!

  4. Just imagine what Trump is going to do in his second term. This is what frightens them the most. They are desperately trying every dirty trick in the book to win.

    1. As we learned today, the way you make revolution is to rewrite history and “confront memory.”
      And it always turns out very, very badly.

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