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NY Times Reveals Its Anti-Trump Mission

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Plan A, “Russian Collusion,” went totally belly-up, so Democrats have moved on to Plan B–“Call Everybody Racists Especially Trump.” But don’t take my word for it.

In a speech to New York Times employees, a speech that got leaked out when it wasn’t supposed to, executive editor Dan Baquet called for a “coverage shift” from Russian Collusion to Trump Racism (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/new-york-times-chief-outlines-coverage-shift-from-trump-russia-to-trump-racism). “We built our newsroom to cover one story (Collusion),” the editor prattled. “Now we have to regroup… to take on a different story”–and the “new story” will be “race.”

It’s so flamin’ obvious.

Nobody wants to be a “racist.” Ooh! But if you voted for President Donald Trump, or support him in any way… well, then you are a racist! Gee, that’s awful… What can I do?

Instant absolution is at hand! All you have to do is vote for Democrats, and you are instantaneously cleansed of the sin of racism. Who knew it could be so easy?

It’s beginning to sound like some of that stuff that Martin Luther had to deal with. Indulgences for sale. Price, one vote.

These people make me ashamed I ever was a journalist.

The Picture Says It All

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According to a Harvard ninny writing for The New York Times, the Bible–in particular, the law book of Leviticus–once upon a time permitted homosexual sex (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/21/opinion/sunday/bible-prohibit-gay-sex.html).


Yeah, but–! “Dr. Dershowitz is a biblical scholar,” says The Times. Like they would know.

We say he’s also something else.

What evidence does he produce to back up his claim? Well, none. Zip, zero, nada. It’s just something he wants to be true. Besides, you have to say things like that, if you want people to think you’re a bona fide intellectual and a Reputable Bible Scholar.

There have always been false prophets, and always will be, until Our Lord Jesus Christ comes back and cleans house.

Until then, stick to the text and pray always for discernment. Because some of those “biblical” mountebanks are a bit trickier than this guy.

The Lie that Will Not Die: ‘Climate Change’

Considering that the Democrat platform in this election says they’re gonna have the Attorney General (the almost unbelievably corrupt Loretta Lynch) “investigate” certain folks who don’t believe in “Man-Made Climate Change” (aka “Global Warming” when the weather’s hot), this is still an issue, even if not many people are talking about it lately.

What throws me is the way the climate alarmists keep on getting away with it, even though it has been abundantly demonstrated that they’re lying and cheating like mad. Why do they keep pushing it? Why is my chess forum so regularly visited by persons who say “Al Gore doesn’t lie”?

I stumbled upon a teeny-weeny little fact yesterday that helps me to understand why this big fat lie just will not die.

The New York Times refused to cover Climategate.

If you get your information from the Clinton nooze media, you may be asking yourself, “Huh? Climategate? What’s Climategate?”

In 2009, hackers leaked thousands of emails from scientists of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, in England. In those emails, “climate scientists” candidly discussed among themselves how best to deceive the public, their frustration over temperature data that didn’t support their Global Warming narrative, how to bury unsupportive data, how to get their critics grants taken away, how to get their critics’ children kicked out of college–whoa, now! Is that Settled Science, or what? The emails prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the “climate scientists” are mountebanks and political gamesters.

The New York Times refused to cover Climategate.

Why? Oh, because the information was hacked! And hacking is sooo wrong!

This is the same New York Times that gleefully made hay with “the Pentagon Papers,” stolen from the Dept. of Defense, and has openly defied the law by publishing Donald Trump’s confidential tax information.

But no Climategate: because, after all, that’s from hackers!

Ditto for the rest of the nooze media. They stonewalled the story, and to this day, much of the public has never heard it.

If you want to bone up on Climategate, there is abundant material from free-lance journalist James Dellingpole. ( http://jamesdelingpole.com/tag/climategate/ )

China Warms U.S.: Don’t Elect Trump

How about that? The world’s largest remaining communist country–in fact, China’s more fascist than communist, anymore, but they do still have that hammer and sickle on their stationery–has warned the American people not to elect Donald Trump as president, or else.

An editorial in the Chinese government-controlled Global News compares Trump to Mussolini and Hitler–but Chairman Mao was worse than either of those two–calls him “racist and extremist,” is really, really mad at him for promising to retaliate against China’s currency manipulating practices, and wraps it up by calling him a “rich narcissist.” Well, we’re sorry, comrades, but we can’t seem to get any poor narcissists to run for president. But you don’t seem to mind the narcissist we’ve got right now.

Now, does all this work out to a roundabout Red Chinese endorsement of some other candidate? Which one do they want to be president, and why don’t they just come right out and say so? Come on–which of the other candidates gets that coveted Communist Chinese endorsement?

What? We don’t need a Red Chinese endorsement, when we’ve already got the New York Times?

Hey, maybe we could whip up a quick treaty that says no future president of the United States can be inaugurated without Red Chinese approval.

I know, I know–don’t give the Democrats ideas.

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