‘The Coming Coup’–Really?

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It ain’t just Central America anymore…

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If you think Democrats will do virtually anything to get back into power–and by “anything” I do mean anything–welcome to the club. This piece by Michael Anton in The American Mind predicts an actual coup d’etat, banana-republic style.

The Coming Coup?

Here we have a scenario in which Democrats muddy the waters of this coming election, insist that they’ve won, and rely on the military to “drag President Trump from the Oval Office.” They can do this because *Batteries Not Included purged loyal generals and replaced them with his puppets; and supposedly they’ve been dropping dark hints about imposing Gibbering Joe Biden on us as our new president. Hillary Clinton, after all, has urged Joe not to concede “under any circumstances.”


Democrats are counting heavily on mail-in voting to set the stage for military action against the president. And against America. Say they lose by 2.5 million votes. Well, waddaya know! We’ve got 2.6 million mail-in votes for Biden! Or however many alleged votes they need.

And of course the Mostly Peaceful Protests, which normal people know as riots, continue in our great Democrat-controlled cities.

I hardly know what to make of this. Is it pure paranoia, or is it true?

Maybe the only way to make sure that question doesn’t matter is to re-elect Donald Trump by such an overwhelming majority that any attempt to contest it will simply be a waste of time.

But they’re playing with fire, and we’re the ones who’ll get burned.

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  1. There are legitimate concerns about mail-in ballots that needs to be addressed. But I also think they are fantasizing about their deepest darkest desires. But what they what and will they get are two separate things. I think they are trying set a narrative first and foremost. If they were really serious about a coup, which is a punishable offense, they wouldn’t be broadcasting it to the world and their enemies. And if they could pull it off they wouldn’t wait until the election and tried everything from Russian collusion to impeachment to remove Trump from office. They would have done it already. What they are trying to do is craft a narrative that even if Trump wins he’s illegitimate, and signaling that “somebody” should do something about it.

    A couple of things to consider. The military is still very pro-Trump as are the police. They both know the Democrats don’t have their backs. Also, American patriots are well-armed and well-trained. They will not just stand by for a “coup”. I don’t know how it’s all going to play out. What I do know is everything they have tried against the president has failed, and this is their last desperate gambit to stop him. I still have my bets that Trump will be left standing after all is said and done. And in his second term, when he doesn’t have to worry about being reelection, he’s going to drop the hammer down hard on them. We shouldn’t worry about they will do, but make them worry about what we will do. Shame on the Democrats for wanting to turn this great country into a banana-republic. I encourage everyone to vote in person and decimate the Democrat party in this election.

  2. I agree fully with you, Watchman. We have to stand up and fight back. An interesting item this morning on the local Spokane news report. (we are in Idaho, but just short distance from Spokane and some small towns around there), videos were shown of a small town of only 200+ population. Almost every home there was burned to the ground, the few other parts of the town likewise, then a shot was shown of a nice church which had not been touched at all by the spreading wildfire. That shouted loud and clear to me.

  3. Mark Zuckerburg of FaceBook has taken it upon himself to alert the American people to the fact that there is nothing illegitimate about the election results taking weeks to be reached. 2020 has given us the Pandemic, then the BLM riots, and now a coup attempt via mailed out ballots (Trump says 60 million of them are ro be mailed out). A challenge to Trump’s Nov. 3rd victory would be icing on the cake for the worst year ever in my life as a patriotic American.

    1. Is there any doubt that Democrats are perfectly willing to destroy this country, if that’s what it takes for them to get back into power?

    2. I’ve read that too Lee, but just as with the Media we are wise to their ways. They may find out they don’t have nearly the influence they think they do.

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