‘Washington State: White Students “Must Defer to Minorities”‘ (2015)

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This nooze is five years old; but college has been rotting on the vine longer than that.

Here’s another instance of university presumption, arrogance, and cowardice.

Washington State: White Students ‘Must Defer to Minorities’

Because the “educators” in question were too asinine for words, I turned them over to Joe Collidge, the only one around here who could appreciate them. (Good grief! Have I been writing Joe Collidge for five years?)

The more they yammer about “diversity,” the less diversity they tolerate.

We pay them to educate our sons and daughters. We must be as crazy as they are.

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  1. Doesn’t everyone know you have to be a little racist yourself to condemn racism? Harvard has developed a test to show how unconsciously racist white people are, so it must be true. We need to rethink this American Experiment stuff and re-imagine utopia – maybe Al Gore could lead our way.

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