Should Pottos Be Admitted to Quokka University?

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Hardly anybody’s here today, so I guess it’s safe to discuss a burning issue that threatens to tear the world of higher education right down the middle.

Should they let pottos take courses at Quokka University?

Opinion is divided between “What’s a potto?” and “Who cares?” Which camp do you belong to?

Important question for any readers who might show up this morning:

Is it okay now for people who are not in the NBA to play basketball, provided they wear masks and observe Social Distancing? True, it would make playing defense virtually impossible; but who bothers to play defense anymore?

10 comments on “Should Pottos Be Admitted to Quokka University?

  1. I think your idea about NBA players having to be masked and stay 6 feet away from each other during games is an excellent start. However, I would make it 6×6 feet, or 36 feet, just to be on the safe side. (Don’t we always hear “Stay safe!” as a farewell these days?) Ah, but you argue that this would put most of them outside the playing area? Indeed, all the better.

  2. As for the pottos, I see no reason not to admit them as long as they don’t demand trees in the classrooms that they can hang from, or all courses being taught at night because they’re nocturnal. If they can manage daytime courses and quokka-compatible desks and chairs, fine, have at it. Or else they can start their own university. 😉

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