Washington State: White Students ‘Must Defer to Minorities’

The new season in higher education got off to a roaring start this weekend, when it was revealed that some of the profs at Washington State University threatened white students with failure unless they embraced left-wing stupid ideas and constantly “deferred to minorities” ( http://dailycaller.com/2015/08/31/taxpayer-funded-professors-censor-words-female-illegal-alien-and-make-white-students-defer/ ).

T’other day, the university announced it was going to “amend” this situation. Are they to be let off as easily as that? You can’t pass a course unless you say you oppose any attempts to curb illegal immigration? Parents are paying how much money in tuition to have their children subjected to this? More fool they.


Ha, ha, he had to go out so I come in and take over this blogg.

Boy what a big dop he is. Of coarse white studints shuld oahgt to defer to minorites. Yuo see evry interllectural knows that. Thats what makes collidge higher eddication.

So of coarse yiu shuld haveto beleave in anmesty and Globbal Warming if yuo wanto pass a corse. And of coarse yuo shuldnt be a lowed to say words like “mail’ and “feemail’ becuse that is Transphobic.

My prefesser he says whit peple are no good, exept unles they interllecturals like us, and whit peple shuld alyaws do what a minorite tells them to do, all the time. I asked dose that mean I got to try hardder to be gay? And he sad this pro-found thing, “A Interllectural is the best minorite and we can do anythingg we want.” I asked is a gay interllectural beter than a interllectural whose not gay but he dint anser me, he jist kicked me in the shin fer askin a dumm questoin.

Anhow thats what collidge is for, to fudnamenterly trandsform our cuontry and we wuld be doing it faster if stopid dops wuld stop complaning aboot how we do it. Like, no wonnder nobody Likes this stopid blogg, onlhy if you gettin money from the Kotch Brothers is you agree with this blogg.

I hop Washinton State say drop dead to evrybody complaning about perfecly resonible rules to show thos no good whit studints whose boss.

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