‘A Really Stinky Book’ (2011)

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I read this book, and a couple other clangers, in preparation for an interview. I think it was with Joshua’s uncle, Kevin, on his internet radio show. I look back with amazement that any published book could be this bad.

A Really Stinky Book!

Sometimes when adults write about teenagers, they come off as space aliens trying to write about human beings without having the slightest understanding of humanity, they might as well be writing about catfish. A book like this is an insult to every poor devil who ever tried and failed to get published. A monkey could write a better one, if you gave him a keyboard.

You owe it to yourself to give this book a wide berth.

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  1. The social environment of today is something I certainly cannot relate to. Happiness, good times, optimism, etc. are all passé. Instead, there is a bewildering array of negative influences which do no one any good, but we are supposed to embrace this.


    1. Meanwhile, Phoebe doesn’t want her comment contest prize… You’re the runner-up–which would you prefer, the book or the fli-back.

      I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to give this book away. You’d think people would love any book with giant hyenas in it, but they don’t seem to love this one.
      Maybe if I added some rap music…

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