Mr. Nature: Zebras on Red Alert

Jambo! Mr. Nature here, and today’s safari is a proper safari that takes us to somewhere in Africa to look in on the zebras.

The waterhole can be a dangerous place for zebras. Ambush predators are seldom far away. These zebras are barking up a storm and going on the alert because one of them has detected a lion nearby and given the alarm.

You’d think a striped horse would sound more like a horse; but nothing sounds quite like a zebra. I used to want to be one, when I grew up; but I never did master the zebra bark.

3 comments on “Mr. Nature: Zebras on Red Alert

  1. I don’t recall hearing their sounds, but I have always just loved zebras. The beauty of their appearance is enough for me. When I was young, I liked to draw pictures of them.

  2. They are something else. To look at them; a horse with a custom paint job, but from what I understand they are behaviorally on another planet. In any event, they are a wonderful manifestation of God’s handiwork.

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