Assertive Cats

I’ve probably posted this once, some time ago; but it made me laugh the second time around, so you might get a chuckle out of it.

Anyway, who needs expensive cat toys when you’ve got a strip of peeling wallpaper, or jars and bottles on a shelf just begging to be knocked off? And if you want to film your workout–well ha, ha, ha on you.

5 comments on “Assertive Cats

  1. Yeah, cats do the darndest things. They think they should be the one to decide where everything should go.

  2. I love this one — but I don’t know why. I can’t have flowers in the house because Iggy always knocks them over. I’ve tried every kind of vase, including flared bottoms and heavy stone, but Iggy always manages to knock them off whatever surface I’ve put them on. Oddly enough, he’s never broken a vase, but he always manages to break the flower stems. So any time someone gives me flowers, I always have to find someone else to pass them on to. Oh well. Iggy is worth more than any flowers.

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