Fake ‘Woman’ Wins Dem Primary

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They’re extinct–and they were smarter than us.

(I wonder if I’ll get censored for this. Probably.)

A man who calls himself a “woman” has won a Democrat primary for state senator in Delaware, home state of the gibbering idiot who’s their candidate for president. I prefer not to link to the article, lest I appear to give it any kind of validation.

The fake journalists are ecstatic, showering this guy with feminine pronouns. Honk if you’re a member of the press and not a mere prostitute for Far Left pseudo-causes. [crickets chirping]

For how much longer are we to endure this revolt against reality? Has any civilization ever produced anything more shameful?

Wicked and ungodly people are setting themselves to swallow this country whole. How far will the Lord let them go?

It won’t be a nice thing to see.

6 comments on “Fake ‘Woman’ Wins Dem Primary

  1. This is so disturbing, and it is deplorable to say the least. However, every time I read something like this, I think …uh oh, II Chronicles 7:14 warning us again. It is “my people” who are also falling short. If HIS people do not take care of our end of the bargain… I hate to think of it. We need Daniel chapter 9 kinds of prayers more than ever.

  2. Wasn’t there a primary winner in NH who was running as a Republican? A transgender anarchist satanist? Who won because he said that voters don’t really study on who it is who’s running? He was running as Republican primary candidate for the office of county sheriff. Is this a different person?

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