My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 17 (‘Scaring Ourselves Silly’)

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It gives me the cold grue, to see little kids plodding silently along in face masks, arms extended out in front of them–ugh! But if they don’t perform this ritual, King Virus gonna eat ’em up!

Scaring Ourselves Silly

Again I ask: are we going to do this every time some disease is on the loose? Because there are many diseases a lot deadlier than COVID-19, even if it is the Chinese Communist Doomsday Death Virus. Really, you’re only at serious risk if you’re confined to a nursing home and Andrew Cuomo is your governor. Sort of like having Dracula in charge.

I guess they figure that if they can scare us badly enough, we’ll let them impose a global government on us.

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  1. The global government is coming, as we see in Scripture. I never thought it would come about in this way, but I don’t know why I would be surprised. “never let a crisis go to waste…”

    1. This seems to certainly resemble what the scriptures predict. I am confident our God can get us through this, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be a fun time.

    2. If global gov’t is coming, then why is Trump going to get four more years? Why is the UK getting out of the EU? Why is the Middle East countries beginning to sign peace treaties with Israel and exchange trade and tourism. Why is the world turning against China & Iran? America is set to lead the world again just like it did after WWII. Global gov’t is based on a lie and destined to collapse. Christ is preparing His people to bring in the Millennium. The glass is half full.

  2. Well, I just encountered a new one on one of the other posts. I was about to enter a comment, and big balloon appeared saying hmm, looks like — closed the option, or something to that effect, and I couldn’t respond at all. Ever see this before?

    1. A couple of days ago I posted a longish and (I thought) carefully thought out response on one of the nooze threads, and I got the usual “Comment Being Submitted” notice, with the whirligig that usually means “hold your hat, we’re working on it” — and then my post vanished. Forever. Sometimes when a comment vanishes like that it shows up later, so I didn’t try to reconstruct it in case both versions would show up later, one of them decidedly inferior to the other. 😉 But it never did show up. I think WordPress was constructed as an illustration of chaos theory.

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