I’m Already Tired

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Ha, ha, ha. It makes for such funny video, when the goofy cat gets her head stuck in a bag.

But it’s not so funny when it happens in four in the morning.

I was awakened in the dark by a sound of frantic rattling. Believe it or not, I knew instantly what it was: one of our cats had gotten her head stuck in the handles of a shopping bag and was running all over the bedroom in a panic. Shamble out of bed, turn lights on so you can extricate the cat. Only now she’s gone. Lights out, try to go back to sleep because I’m desperately tired. But the cat had only paused to draw her breath. Now she’s running all around the room again. Lights on. Stumble. Ah! Got her. C’mon, let Daddy help… and I got the bag off and am free to continue my hopeless pursuit of a decent night’s sleep.

Oh. And she managed to break a plate, too. Ha, ha, ha.

4 comments on “I’m Already Tired

  1. Wow, and I thought I had it tough. The wind was blowing like a hurricane and waking me up for half an hour at a time from about midnight on. I didn’t get up until almost 6AM, unusual for me.

    1. This is a dumb thing that cats do every no and then. They always do it late at night. That’s how I knew instantly what that noise was.

  2. Ha ha! Sounds like you had a fun night! Cats are delightful though, aren’t they? God must have enjoyed His handiwork when he called forth the animals from the earth and here comes the cat, one of His best works. Dogs are great, too. I have my Maggie at present but there’s something about a cat that makes each one seem like it has no equal; that each one is unique. Anyway, I do hope that the remainder of shut-eye that you got was restful. Have a blessed day!

    1. All I’ve got to do is stay awake somehow.
      My Missy got her head caught in the handle of a plastic shopping bag, and it turned her into a furry projectile ricocheting all over the bedroom in the middle of the night. She left those bags alone from then on.

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