The Only Nooze I’m Gonna Post Today

Baby Rabbit..there is always a sweet bunny in our yard twice a week. Makes  me smile! | Wild rabbit, Wild bunny, Animals

All the bad nooze, the unending parade of wicked and asinine characters, and their daft and wicked schemes–it’s not good for your soul to read it all day, and it’s not good for my soul to write it. A picture of a baby rabbit is vastly more edifying.

This will be the only nooze I’m gonna comment on all day, so enjoy it.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died after a long illness. Her rulings damaged our nation. But I’m not a liberal, so I won’t rejoice over her death–well, you know how they carry on.

A sizeable body of Far Left Crazy are bitterly angry with Ginsberg for dying. They can hardly express themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me if their heads went 360 degrees and they started levitating. There’s abundant video illustrating this, but I choose not to use it. You can find it easily enough, if you want it.

Some of these are the very same people last seen giving Ginsberg a standing O for hanging tough and continuing to crank out rulings. Now they’re mad at her for not retiring while *Batteries Not Included was still president, so he could appoint another flaming commie to replace her. They are furious that she has died. Like she did it on purpose, just to spite them.

It used to be most Americans hardly noticed what the Supreme Court did. But that changed, once Democrats figured out that the court could be used to push through Far Left projects that didn’t have enough support to be enacted into law by the legislature.

By the way, there’s one question I’ve been wondering about lately. Republican presidents Reagan and Bush appointed justices to the Supreme Court and within moments of their swearing in, these justices turned into leftist societal engineers. My question is, how come it never goes the other way? With Far Left justices turning into conservatives.

Anyway, America can’t be “fundamentally transformed” into Venezuela North without the Supreme Court acting as a super-legislature, redefining basic human institutions and gutting the Constitution.

Expect Democrats to go absolutely ballistic over the next appointment.

9 comments on “The Only Nooze I’m Gonna Post Today

  1. From the video evidence I’ve seen, the Left are apoplectic. Amazingly, it appears that the Republicans have enough of an instinct for self-preservation to realize that they can’t fool around on this one. Hopefully, it will work out, but I’m not counting on anything.

  2. Unfortunately, two RINOs (Collins and Murkowski) have already said they’re not going to vote on a replacement before the election. Now we’re waiting to hear from Mitt Romney. If he does his NeverTrumper act and pulls out too, that will leave a tie in the Senate, with Pence available to cast the tiebreaking vote. But if one more RINO bows out, the election becomes exponentially more important than ever before. And that goes for Senate races as well.

    More baby rabbits. We need them now. And quokkas. Lotsa quokkas.

  3. This should be our hill to die on. We have a golden opportunity to sway the SC in our favor for a generation. So let them Dems throw a temper tantrum. It’s what they’re good at anyways.

    1. It’s like the boy who cried wolf one too many times, after awhile they just ignored him.

    2. This is definitely a major crossroads in the history of our Republic. This is certainly above my direct influence, but I am praying fervently.

  4. Today on “Rush” he describe RBG & her ink on the Supreme Court as “Leftist commie bastards.” Well, said Rush. And I was so proud of Judge Jeanine on her weekend show not praising RGB but just ignoring her as a person and concentrating on the politics of it all. I cringe when I see others like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee praising her.

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