‘Let’s Bash Christians!’ (2012)

A man and his Ray-Bans: The story of Joe Biden's sunglasses - The Washington Post

Still wondering what he’s hiding behind those shades

I’m re-running this post because it’s necessary to warn America’s Christians what to expect if we let Democrats recapture the White House next month.

Let’s Bash Christians!

If you think the Obama regime was heavily into Christian-bashing, wait’ll you see what Obama 2.0, aka the Biden regime, gets up to. After all, we are talking about a candidate who, only last year, recommended putting churches on some kind of “terrorist watch list” if they fail to hop aboard the Organized Sodomy bandwagon. You can find that nooze in this year’s archives (https://leeduigon.com/2020/06/24/biden-christians-are-like-terrorists/).

We’re not kidding when we warn you that if the Dems win this one, America is over. If anyone among your family or friends is still sitting on the fence, do your utmost to get them out to vote for Donald Trump.

The Only Nooze I’m Gonna Post Today

Baby Rabbit..there is always a sweet bunny in our yard twice a week. Makes  me smile! | Wild rabbit, Wild bunny, Animals

All the bad nooze, the unending parade of wicked and asinine characters, and their daft and wicked schemes–it’s not good for your soul to read it all day, and it’s not good for my soul to write it. A picture of a baby rabbit is vastly more edifying.

This will be the only nooze I’m gonna comment on all day, so enjoy it.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died after a long illness. Her rulings damaged our nation. But I’m not a liberal, so I won’t rejoice over her death–well, you know how they carry on.

A sizeable body of Far Left Crazy are bitterly angry with Ginsberg for dying. They can hardly express themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me if their heads went 360 degrees and they started levitating. There’s abundant video illustrating this, but I choose not to use it. You can find it easily enough, if you want it.

Some of these are the very same people last seen giving Ginsberg a standing O for hanging tough and continuing to crank out rulings. Now they’re mad at her for not retiring while *Batteries Not Included was still president, so he could appoint another flaming commie to replace her. They are furious that she has died. Like she did it on purpose, just to spite them.

It used to be most Americans hardly noticed what the Supreme Court did. But that changed, once Democrats figured out that the court could be used to push through Far Left projects that didn’t have enough support to be enacted into law by the legislature.

By the way, there’s one question I’ve been wondering about lately. Republican presidents Reagan and Bush appointed justices to the Supreme Court and within moments of their swearing in, these justices turned into leftist societal engineers. My question is, how come it never goes the other way? With Far Left justices turning into conservatives.

Anyway, America can’t be “fundamentally transformed” into Venezuela North without the Supreme Court acting as a super-legislature, redefining basic human institutions and gutting the Constitution.

Expect Democrats to go absolutely ballistic over the next appointment.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 10 (‘Trump’s on Our Side’)

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Go ahead, tell us that we need this!

It seems almost miraculous, for an America president to side with the American people against the know-it-all elites. But that’s what Donald Trump has done. As he sides with us, we must side with him.

Trump’s on Our Side

Last week he hammered “Critical Race Theory” and “The 1619 Project,” both of them virulently toxic to America, brewed up by Far Left fanatics and race hustlers.

No ordinary politician would have lifted a finger to protect us from this. For that we needed Donald Trump, and we are blessed to have him.

Are Dems in Contact with Reality?

It's Democrats who got massacred by Trump impeachment trial: Goodwin

Why does that picture up there remind me so much of those old black-and-white news photos of Stalin, Khrushchev, and the rest of ’em up on the walls of the Kremlin, reviewing the troops in Red Square?

Well, they’re practically interchangeable, aren’t they?

I was doing enough nooze yesterday that it started to depress me: but a hat tip to “Watchman” for a perceptive comment that I’ve found very helpful.

As he pointed out, nobody publicly airs the details of his planned conspiracy. I mean, that’d be really stupid, wouldn’t it? But that’s what Democrats are doing, with all their talk about stalling the election results, contesting the outcome, and recruiting Obama generals to unleash the military on President Trump , etc., etc. Like they were living in some banana republic 100 years ago.

“Watchman” called these dark fantasies–and you know what? He may be right. We are dealing with people who are not only depraved, but also out to lunch. Mark Zuckerberg sez it’s “normal” and “legitimate” for election results to be held up for weeks on end (while Democrats feverishly print up the extra ballots that they need to win)–but who died and made him king? Once upon a time results were delayed because communications from coast to coast were so slow. But they aren’t anymore, and there’s no excuse for keeping the whole country in suspense for as long as it takes the Dems to cheat their way to victory.

Even if everything these closet commies say is just hot air and  empty threats, we should take them very seriously indeed. For one thing, they are talking about crimes on a scale unprecedented in U.S. history. Hello, Secret Service–you guys on vacation? What’s up? And for another thing, we need to give President Trump an overwhelming vote of confidence, so that he can finish doing the things that need doing but which no ordinary politician will ever do.

I pray for a landslide big enough to bury the Democrat Party once and for all, forever. True, some new abomination will eventually arise to take its place. But at least we’ll have some time in which to make our country stronger and better.

But electoral landslides don’t just grow on trees.

Go out there on Election Day and make it happen.

Thank You, Mr. President! Trump Bans ‘Critical Race Theory’

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Boy, did we ever need this! And President Trump has delivered. Three cheers for Donald Trump! Heck, make it six cheers.

The president has directed the federal Office of Management and Budget to stop the teaching of “critical race theory” among government employees (https://www.dailywire.com/news/breaking-trump-bans-federal-money-from-funding-far-left-anti-american-critical-race-theory), calling it–as you bet it is!–“divisive” (gee, ya think?) and “anti-American.”

The office is to identify who’s doing it and to cancel any contracts they might have. Put more simply, the president has acted to defund a Far Left cult within the government.

“Critical Race Theory,” another product of a deeply corrupt university system, preaches that the United States is an evil racist country and that white people are to blame, etc., etc. In practice, it takes the form of persecuting and humiliating white people just for being white. And up until now, it has been being “taught” in just about every branch of the federal bureaucracy.

Thank you, Mr. President! Critical race theory is wrong, sick, and evil and does nothing except to provoke people, who would otherwise be at peace, to hate one another. You have removed a malignant tumor from the body of the state.

This Speech Will Pump You Up

President Trump gave this speech to the Class of 2017. Three years later, it’s even more to the point, more relevant, more inspiring. He sounds like Winston Churchill!

“Never give up, never give in”–can you give me an “Amen”?

Archbishop Vigano: He Gets It

Archbishop Viganò's powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal ...

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, formerly the papal ambassador to the United States, has written an open letter to President Trump (https://edwardpentin.co.uk/archbishop-vigano-writes-open-letter-to-president-trump-full-text/). It makes for very worthwhile reading.

The archbishop wrote of the “spiritual battle” between good and evil and how, in America, somehow good is “held hostage by the wicked.” He identifies the worldly forces of evil–which are subordinated to Satan–with the deep state and globalism and has some interesting remarks about the “colossal operation of social engineering” called forth by the COVID-19 panic.

He concludes: “United against the Invisible Enemy of all humanity, I bless you and the First Lady, the beloved American nation, and all men and women of good will.”

Here is a priest who’s down here in the trenches with us, and we are grateful for his company. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, so click the link and read the letter.

Good News? Dare We Hope?

Black Lives Matter thugs recently invited themselves into a “gentrified” neighborhood in Seattle and demanded that white people give up their homes. We have not heard of any residents agreeing to this.

Dr. Steve Turley’s video (above) asserts that all the race rioting and Antifa thuggery our country has experienced this year is creating a “massive surge in support for the re-election of Donald Trump”; and furthermore, this has always happened in the past under similar conditions. He predicts that historically solid Democrat counties nationwide are going to turn to Trump.

It’s part, he says, of a “collapse of secular globalism as our ruling political paradigm.”

He makes a strong argument, and we pray it’s true. He also promotes his new book, President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future. I pray that that’s true, too: secular globalism needs to be collapsed.

Meanwhile, all of us who are not socialists and left-wing crazies need to make absolutely sure we vote, all of us, in all our numbers: and not only vote, but encourage friends, family members, and neighbors to rally for the defeat of the Democrats’ radical and racist agenda.

We do not want to be the next Venezuela.

Yes, We Can!

Why These Four Presidents? (U.S. National Park Service)

George Washington, the Father of Our Country–what do you suppose he would think of his children today?

Had enough bad nooze today? Democrat cities torn and trashed by riots, teacher unions trying to run parents out of their children’s education… It’s not pretty. How can we possibly clean up this mess?

Who in his right mind ever thought that George Washington’s volunteer army would succeed in chasing the British Empire out of its 13 colonies in North America? We had the French Navy on our side–but when did they ever beat the British? And the British Navy had us cut off from the rest of the world. And sho dared imagine victory from the frozen vantage point of Valley Forge?

Nevertheless, we won. God ordained it.

And we can win again, because we must. We must. Why would we ever surrender to a lot of college professors and their brainwashed students? To lying, ignorant noozies? To race hustlers and rioters? To a political party that nominates a nearly brain-dead cellar-dweller for president? Surrender to them? Never.

We’ll have to do the work. We’ll have to create new institutions–a new free press, a new system of education that isn’t owned by the government–to replace the old ones that refuse to serve us anymore. And we’ll have to persevere in spite of setbacks, and learn how not to listen to all that howling from the Left. But is there really any doubt that we can do this? As Japan’s Admiral Yamamoto said after Pearl Harbor, “We have wakened a slumbering giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

It’s time to find that resolve and put it to work.

The Spirit of Caleb

Tiny grasshoppers on the top of a morning glory leaf at first ...

Are we really just grasshoppers?

You’ll remember from the Bible how the children of Israel, having reached the border of the Promised Land, sent spies to find out what it was like (Numbers, Chapter 13).

The spies came back loaded with fruit and other good things. It’s a land flowing with milk and honey, all right, they reported–but just forget about taking it! (Verses 28-32) Because it’s just chuck full of bad guys, and giants, and impregnable walled cities, and the Amalekites are waiting to crush us… What was God thinking of, to send us here? Like, man, we are just grasshoppers, compared to those people! (v. 33)

But one of those spies was Caleb. “And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it” (v. 30).

Caleb trusted in God, and in God’s promises. God had promised to give the land to Israel. Caleb believed Him. He wasn’t scared of walled cities, giants, or Amalekites. To Caleb they were already slated for destruction: for the Lord had said so.

Do we need some of Caleb’s spirit shot into our veins, or what? We see Far Left Crazy running wild in the streets, and alleged polls showing Dozy Joe up 15 points–but are we supposed to lose heart? Give up? I surrender, BLM–please eat me last!

It’s not too late to put our trust in God and get to work like we mean it. Repent our sins and get busy!