We Do Have a Calling

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Usually by Friday I’m pretty well used up. I’ll post one public education outrage, and an hour later there’ll be two new ones that are much worse than the one I’ve already posted. Parents object but nothing happens. Here and there, a “teacher” has to go on paid leave for some abomination or another. And that’s just “Education.”

There is a temptation to lose heart. I mean, the monster devouring our country is just so big and what can we do, we can’t even get a fair election? We are the plebs, the mob our betters laugh at. What can we do?

But God tells us in the Bible, “Despise not the day of small things” (Zech. 4: 9-10). And in I Corinthians 1: 27, “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty…”

Your part and my part may be small; but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t value them. We are here to do His will on earth. We are in America, with a calling, a mission, to save this country. Save it from the wicked. Save it from self-destructive folly.

When they’re all puffed up with pride and ambition, flexing their muscles at us, bragging about their sins… that’s when they’re weakest. Their fall will be a high and hard one, brought about by people and events which they deemed beneath their notice. Brought about by the God whose warnings they rejected.

So we do what we can; and the outcome is decided at a higher level.

More Revival… On More Campuses


Revival scene at Texas A & M

Just to keep up–

Revival is spreading to more college campuses. Texas A & M has a big one going, with students getting baptized in public fountains and several healings reported.

It looks to me like most of the participants in the revival are young; and it looks to me like most of the bad guys who are trashing our country are… well, old. Is this a hopeful sign?

We need a nation-wide revival. Our media, our politics, our “entertainment” industry, and most of all our schools and colleges are up to their necks in sins that weren’t even thought of, years ago.

Pray for revival, speak up for it… and maybe, if God wills it, we will see something.

Revival: Next Stop… Where?

Tonight’s supposed to be the last night for worship services at Asbury University, Wilmore, KY, the revival’s supposed to be over–

But there are still crowds of people here on campus, with more coming in all the time.

School officials say it can’t be helped, Wilmore simply doesn’t have the resources to accommodate so many people for any length of time. Well, maybe. And anyhow the whole point of a revival is that it should spread.

God knows we need a revival: if we ever needed one, we need it now! Our country is in danger of turning into a drag queen socialist hell-hole. The Democrats are this close to driving us under for good.

We have to see the revival spread out and move around the country. There are signs that this may happen soon.

We have to see the American people rise up against “woke” and completely and forever cast it out.

We are up to our necks in sins that hadn’t even been thought of a couple of generations ago. Please, merciful God–pull us out and clean us off!

Diocese of Des Moines Pushes Back on ‘Woke’

Bishop: A Reflection on the Death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Bishop William Joenson–thank you for your leadership!

The Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa–in charge of 80 churches, 17 Catholic schools, and four hospitals–has banned “preferred pronouns,” “transgender” bathrooms and locker rooms, and “gender blocker” drugs (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11642739/Activists-erupt-Diocese-Des-Moines-enacts-anti-woke-rules-churches-schools.html). The bans go into effect… now! Bishop William Joenson announced the new policies yesterday.

So it’s no more Woke nonsense at Des Moines Catholic schools and churches, and Far Left Crazy is wailing, rending its garments, and gnashing its teeth. Democrats (of course) went so far as to say the diocese is “un-Christian,” Jesus would never! condone pushing back against transgender madness. (“Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain” does not occur to them.)

What are they going to do to try to force the diocese back onto the bandwagon? At this point, they don’t know. What can they do? Government in America has no authority to tell the Church they’ve gotta be woke or they’ll be broke.

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve had a feeling that the whole woke enterprise could come crashing down in pieces sooner than we think. Very few people actually want the garbage that Woke is selling. “Let us use your children as guinea pigs in our insane sociological experiments” is not a persuasive pitch.


Is There a ‘Quiet Right Counterculture’?

The Motive behind going Church » FLATIMES

Writing for the City Journal, Christopher Rufo wonders whether a “quiet right counterculture” of sane and normal people is growing up right before our eyes (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/4120803/posts).

The hippies and commies who were the counterculture of the 1960s and 70s, and their offspring, are a counterculture no more: they are The Establishment. They are General Motors funding “transgender” commercials in the public elementary schools. They are Big Tech, they are censorship, they are “cancel everybody who isn’t us!”

But outside the doomed Blue cities, ordinary people are working to rebuild “families, schools, churches, neighborhoods… things that will last,” says Rufo. Homeschool families are leading the way, with more and more parents opting not to keep their kids in public schools for teachers’ union fanatics to groom and prey on.

Man, from your mouth to God’s ear!

Read the essay, it’s not long. What do you think? Has he got something there, or what?

Let’s Just Relax

A red barn and a wheat field ready for harvest near Silverton, Oregon Stock  Photo | Adobe Stock

No, no, no! I am not going to write up any politics today, I am not going to write up any nooze–and wit you well (as Sir Thomas Malory would say), there’s plenty I could write about. I am going to go out and have a cigar, work a little on my book, come back in to watch “Godzilla vs. Megalon,” and then sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner.

Judah the Maccabee, fighting for the survival of his nation, insisted on resting on the Sabbath: he would not do battle on that day unless he were attacked.

We fight for America. Maybe for the whole Western civilization, what’s left of it. But this day at least we set aside for thanksgiving to God.

By Request, ‘God Bless America’

Sue requested this one–and what better a day for it than the Fourth of July?–God Bless America, sung by Kate Smith backed up by a full Warner Bros. orchestra. And with a choir, too.

Some of us still love our country; and we will try our level best to save it.

Another Voice for Homeschooling

Actor-producer Kirk Cameron has come out with a new film about homeschooling, to open in theaters June 13-14: Homeschool Awakening (https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2022/may/kirk-cameron-releases-trailer-for-the-homeschool-awakening-set-for-june-premiere-in-theaters). It’ll only be in theaters those two days, so try to see it then.

Public schooling has become notorious for “inaccurate” and “immoral” teachings, Cameron says. (Gee, ya think?) He goes so far as to say America’s “public schooling system has become public enemy number one.”

If you stay with this blog, you’re guaranteed to see at least one new public schooling outrage every day.

In 2020-21, when they closed the schools because of King COVID, homeschooling increased 63%, to all-time highs. This year it’s slipped by 17% but is still way higher than it was before the pandemic.

Homeschooling has become more affordable and more efficient, while at the same time public schools have deteriorated into leftist propaganda mills. Critical Race Theory, Transgender, LGBTQetc.–not much time left for reading, writing, arithmetic or history!

I’m sorry, I’m getting carried away. Can’t help it. If any one factor can be called the leading cause of America’s decline, it’s public “education,” hands-down. We need Kirk Cameron’s movie. We need homeschooling. We need the courage to takes our kids out of those wretched public schools.

We need to save our country.


Netflix Tells Woke Employees ‘Work Somewhere Else’

How long will it take Netflix to live down this caper? Or is it already too late?

I’ve steered clear of Netflix for years, ever since they aired their “Star-Spangled Salute to Abortion.” Lately an awful lot of people have been steering clear of it: so much so, that Netflix is suddenly, hurriedly, trying to clean up its act and get back some normal people for its audience.

And so the company has recently issued a “culture memo” that tells the wokies that from now on they won’t be allowed to “censor specific artists or voices” and that if they can’t live with that, it’s time they found another job somewhere else (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/restoring-america/equality-not-elitism/netflix-sends-culture-memo-to-woke-employees-saying-they-can-work-elsewhere).

And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Is America about to shake off the evil spell that has blinded her eyes, tied her hands, and addled her brain for far too many years? Are we finally going to realize that we don’t have to obey the Far Left Crazy? And that we don’t need Netflix–or CNN, MSNBC, the Oscars, or the freakin’ teachers’ unions!–anymore? Not that we ever did need them.

There is pushback in the air! And it smells like… victory.

Fighting Back: Conservatives Win 10 of 11 School Board Seats

File:Jost Haller - Saint George slaying the dragon, Unterlinden Museum,  Colmar.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Just like St. George!

“You wanna politicize everything? Okay, fine. Let’s politicize this!”

Conservative candidates have won 10 out of 11 school board seats in Tarrant County, Texas (https://www.texastribune.org/2022/05/08/tarrant-county-school-elections-pac/). The one candidate who didn’t win outright will have another chance in a run-off election.

Nooze media seem disconcerted by the fact that conservative and Christian donors and PACs spent half a million dollars on these elections. (Boo hoo! Only leftids are allowed to do that!) The money was mostly spent on consultants who organized the campaign as a fight against teaching Critical Race Theory (all white people are evil racists, blah-blah) and stocking pornographic “gay” books in the schools.

You will find the “teachers” and their unions now saying there is no CRT being taught in public schools. The art of lying has greatly decayed. Dudes, inventing new names for it doesn’t fool us anymore. Especially when you’ve still got CRT listed as “a great resource” on the school district’s official website.

Finally the good guys are playing to win. Finally our side’s raising money to counter the annual largesse handed to the Far Left by the teachers’ unions.

Leftids, there are more of us than there are of you, and you’ll soon know it!

You and your 80 million phantom Biden voters.