It Has Hit the Fan

Again, you don’t need me to tell you about this; but it is history in the making, and I believe I ought to note it here.

Patriotic protesters have stormed and occupied the steps of the Capitol, putting a halt to Congress’ deliberations on the objections to 2020’s fraudulent election. We are told Vice President Mike Pence has skedaddled and that members of Congress have retreated to protected tunnels under the building.

Chased there by the people they’re supposed to represent.

Democrats were not wise to play the same tricks in the Georgia Senatorial elections this week. They’ve only made America madder.

This travesty of an election must not stand. If Congress won’t represent us, then let them fear us.

Democrats, after all, spent all of 2020 teaching us that rioters get what they want, that’s how you run the country. Now they’re going to reap what they’ve sown.

Cardinal Burke Slams Globalists’ ‘Evil Agenda’

Cardinal Raymond Burke is no fan of “the new normal” and “the Great Re-Set.” Listen to this 17-minute homily he delivered a few days ago at the shrine of Our Lady of Gaudalupe in LaCrosse,. Wisconsin. This is a warrior for the universal Church, which embraces all Christians: hear him.

The Cardinal denounces the use of the Wuhan Virus to advance an “evil agenda… an ideology totally opposed to the Christian foundation… We are now the subjects of a ‘Great Re-Set” based on “manipulation by ignorance and fear.”

He translates it into Spanish, having delivered his message in English.

I happened to notice only one person in the pews wearing a face mask. Go ahead, fascists, I dare ya–go in there and try to silence Cardinal Burke. This is the guy who wouldn’t let abortion-loving politicians take communion in the churches under his jurisdiction: wouldn’t let them through the door.

We need more like him, and we need them now.

Texas Sues States That Illegally Changed Their Election Laws

Happy 181st Birthday to the Texas Flag

Texas to the rescue!

Here’s a story our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media Inc. won’t be shouting from the housetops.

The state of Texas has sued Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia for illegally changing their election laws–which “debased the votes of citizens” in states that didn’t break the law ( The suit is intended to go directly to the Supreme Court, because there is a constitutional issue involved.

By law, only state legislatures have the authority to change election laws–not courts, not governors, not secretaries of state.

Those four states, says the Texas suit, “flooded their citizenry with tens of millions of ballot applications and ballots,” ignoring–and in effect changing–the laws governing absentee and mail-in voting.

This suit is not difficult to understand! “Hey–you guys watered down our state’s votes by cheating! You have thus disenfranchised us.”

The Supreme Court does not have to take the case, but they’d better: because the four states in question violated the Constitution by illegally changing their election laws. If the court doesn’t hear the case, then the fraudsters will get away with it and it’ll happen again and again.

Note: Shortly before the election, our governor here in New Jersey issued an executive order for mail-in voting. The Trump campaign sued. Before the suit could be heard, the New Jersey legislature quickly passed a law doing exactly what the governor wished to do. That pulled the teeth of the lawsuit–but the legislature would not have passed that law unless they realized that, legally, they had to.

But the legislatures in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia did no such thing. The changes imposed on the election laws by governors, judges, and secretaries of state were therefor illegal.

And those changes were made for only one purpose–to swing the election in those states to Biden, because Democrats cannot win unless they cheat. If they actually follow the Constitution, they get nowhere.

This suit must be heard, and this travesty of an election overturned.

Democrats: Forever Dirty

Stuffed Ballot Box Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

I’ve been asked what I think will happen with our post-election melee, in which evidence of widespread voter fraud is heaped up to the skies.

Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen; but there’s one thing I’m pretty sure I know.

A lot of dirt that’s been hiding in the dark for who knows how long has been dragged out into the light; and it’s not going to be forgotten, it’s not going to go away. Despite the best efforts of our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. to bury the story, the word is getting out–and more of it each day. We are at a point where most of the voters in America know this was a dirty election, a crime on a scale vaster than anything we’ve seen before. Democrats will go down in history, forever, as the party that tried to steal the 2020 election. No one will forget that. I pray no one will forgive it.

Whether this travesty of an election will be allowed to stand, or be overturned as it should be, we will not forget that Democrats cheated to make it happen.

Here is something I don’t know.

How do you govern when most of the people in the country know you have no right to govern them at all? The situation is unprecedented in American history–although there are many Third World countries that have, to their sorrow, experienced it. How do you sustain a dirty, unlawful government? Especially when the people know that their votes don’t matter anymore: that Dominion computers, in the hands of sold-out-to-China Democrat satraps, will predetermine the outcome of any election from now on?

Can we live with that? Should we even try to? God forbid.

Pray the Lord will intervene to save us, in spite of all our sins against Him: not for our sake, but for His own great name’s sake: that the world might see His hand at work, and know that He is God. In Jesus’ name, and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

Do We Let the Fear Destroy Us?

Local photographer captures Twin Cities riots with camera and interviews |  Local |

I was talking with a small business owner yesterday, who was sick at heart over the perversion and corruption of our national election, but couldn’t think of anything to be done about it.

Because, he said, to invalidate it, to overturn it, would unleash riots.

Well, yes, naturally he’s afraid. They might burn down his store. With him in it, maybe. But where does that lead us? To this: Whoever can stage the biggest and most violent riots owns the country.

That’s no future.

We are perilously close to losing our republic, losing our freedom, losing all our rights–because if you can steal elections, if you can dictate the outcome before the votes are cast, then you never have to worry about being voted out of office and you can do anything you please. You have a government based on a manufactured consent of the governed, and an end to accountability.

Are we willing to pay that price, in hopes that the rioters will leave us alone until the next time they take to the streets?

Uh… How about we send in a whole bunch of paddy wagons and scoop up the rioters and take them out of circulation for a good long time? How about we meet their lawless violence with the full force of the law?

We’ll soon see just who our leaders are more afraid of–rioters or citizens.

‘Wreaths Across America’–Saved

DVIDS - Images - Wreaths Across America Day in Arlington National Cemetery  [Image 21 of 23]

And so, because of COVID-19, the virus that justifies every cheap, petty tyranny imagined by tinpot bureaucrats, the secretary of national cemeteries cancelled the annual “Wreaths Across America” event at Arlington National Cemetery.

But the next day President Donald Trump, through the secretary of the Army, reinstated it (

The celebration, held every year on Dec. 19, pays homage to America’s war dead as volunteers lay wreaths on the graves.

Well, damn, that didn’t work! But we can still make a mess of Thanksgiving, can’t we? Hey, let’s forbid family gatherings and then zip off to Hawaii on our private jets for beaucoup fun! And then we’ll see what we can do about cancelling Christmas.

And we are asked to believe the American people voted for this!

America needs the destruction of the Democrat Party. Sen. Che Schumer says if they can just win those last couple of Senate seats, “We can change America!” Change it into what, he doesn’t say. But now that they’ve stolen a national election, they think they can do anything they please.

Cut them down, O Lord. Cut them down in their pride and arrogance. Cut them down in their hubris. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Why Conspiracies Fail

Kojak" Birthday Party (TV Episode 1976) - IMDb

I have a friend who’s a homicide detective in a major city. Unlike Kojak, he finds most of his murder cases fairly easy to solve.

“Y’know what it is?” he explains. “They just can’t keep their mouths shut! They have to tell somebody how smart they are, and what they got away with. Sooner or later they tell the wrong person, that person tells us, and we’ve got him.”

So who wants to go to jail for Joe Biden? The criminal caper to steal the 2020 presidential election required the efforts of perhaps thousands of people. Some of them are going to blab, once arrests start being made. It’s hard enough for three people to keep a secret. For three thousand, impossible. Even for three hundred, it’s impossible.

Of course, you could always stage your crime and then bump off all the little tools who helped you do it–bump ’em off before they have a chance to sing. That was Stalin’s method. But I think it’s now too late for the Democrats to do that. Someone might notice.

Remember–the best thing this crime has going for it is the sheer enormity of it. People can’t believe someone stole the presidential election. It boggles the mind.

But the evidence that it was done is overwhelming; and once the little birds start singing, the whole thing will collapse.

‘Poland Recognizes Jesus Christ as King’ (2017)

Image result for images of jesus as king of kings

This happened in 2016; but our free & independent nooze media didn’t exactly shout it from the housetops, did they?

Poland Recognizes Jesus Christ as King

High officials of the church in Poland, with high government officials in attendance, formally consecrated their nation to Jesus Christ, proclaiming Him their sole and rightful king.

Can you imagine if someone dared to do this in America? Democrats would be levitating all over the landscape, like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Faux Catholics among our politicians (I won’t mar the sabbath by mentioning their names) would be screaming bloody murder.

But they can’t stop us from personally embracing Jesus as our one and only king and Savior. Satan has never been able to stop it–no matter how hard the worldly power-brokers try to do it for him.

‘Let’s Bash Christians!’ (2012)

A man and his Ray-Bans: The story of Joe Biden's sunglasses - The Washington Post

Still wondering what he’s hiding behind those shades

I’m re-running this post because it’s necessary to warn America’s Christians what to expect if we let Democrats recapture the White House next month.

Let’s Bash Christians!

If you think the Obama regime was heavily into Christian-bashing, wait’ll you see what Obama 2.0, aka the Biden regime, gets up to. After all, we are talking about a candidate who, only last year, recommended putting churches on some kind of “terrorist watch list” if they fail to hop aboard the Organized Sodomy bandwagon. You can find that nooze in this year’s archives (

We’re not kidding when we warn you that if the Dems win this one, America is over. If anyone among your family or friends is still sitting on the fence, do your utmost to get them out to vote for Donald Trump.

The Only Nooze I’m Gonna Post Today

Baby Rabbit..there is always a sweet bunny in our yard twice a week. Makes  me smile! | Wild rabbit, Wild bunny, Animals

All the bad nooze, the unending parade of wicked and asinine characters, and their daft and wicked schemes–it’s not good for your soul to read it all day, and it’s not good for my soul to write it. A picture of a baby rabbit is vastly more edifying.

This will be the only nooze I’m gonna comment on all day, so enjoy it.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died after a long illness. Her rulings damaged our nation. But I’m not a liberal, so I won’t rejoice over her death–well, you know how they carry on.

A sizeable body of Far Left Crazy are bitterly angry with Ginsberg for dying. They can hardly express themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me if their heads went 360 degrees and they started levitating. There’s abundant video illustrating this, but I choose not to use it. You can find it easily enough, if you want it.

Some of these are the very same people last seen giving Ginsberg a standing O for hanging tough and continuing to crank out rulings. Now they’re mad at her for not retiring while *Batteries Not Included was still president, so he could appoint another flaming commie to replace her. They are furious that she has died. Like she did it on purpose, just to spite them.

It used to be most Americans hardly noticed what the Supreme Court did. But that changed, once Democrats figured out that the court could be used to push through Far Left projects that didn’t have enough support to be enacted into law by the legislature.

By the way, there’s one question I’ve been wondering about lately. Republican presidents Reagan and Bush appointed justices to the Supreme Court and within moments of their swearing in, these justices turned into leftist societal engineers. My question is, how come it never goes the other way? With Far Left justices turning into conservatives.

Anyway, America can’t be “fundamentally transformed” into Venezuela North without the Supreme Court acting as a super-legislature, redefining basic human institutions and gutting the Constitution.

Expect Democrats to go absolutely ballistic over the next appointment.