Two Baby Bunnies

I could show you another riot, or some leftids cursing someone in the hospital; but I think I’ll go with soft and fluffy instead: two baby bunnies at their dinner.

One night, years ago, I was standing outside when a group of baby cottontails started chasing one another around me. Around me and around me they went, as if I were a maypole. I didn’t dare move, lest I terrify them. They might not have realized I was alive. Besides which, it was a unique privilege to be part of that game–better than serving as second base at Yankee Stadium.

4 comments on “Two Baby Bunnies

  1. They are truly beautiful. With all that is going on around us, it’s vital to keep in mind that our Father is still with us and that His things still work.

    I got within a few feet of a Desert Hare yesterday. What a magnificent creature.

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