Can You Share My Posts Now?

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Ragnar the Happy Puppy, once a business associate of Byron the Quokka, has found that the “301 Whatsit Permanently Moved” message that used to scuttle my Facebook posts is now gone as mysteriously as it came; and also the little “share” buttons now have numbers in them again (WordPress blames that glitch on Facebook).

I would like to know, now, if my readers are able to share my posts with others on Facebook. I’m sure some of you have given up trying.  But the only way I’ll know if it’s working is for readers to share my posts. The more it gets shared, the higher the little number in the button. Sorry, but that’s about as hi-tech as my language gets.

For that matter, yes, I do know that many of us have learned to despise Facebook, and for good reason. But for the time being, that’s what I have and that’s what I must use.

Meanwhile, I’m short 100 views a day, or more–still haven’t solved that mystery. But if a bunch of you each share two or three posts, at least I’ll know it.

P.S.–Since I wrote this, all the little numbers in the blue buttons have disappeared again. You could just scream.

Meanwhile, Re-Farmer has reported that she was able to share my posts on Facebook if she visited the blog through Google Chrome instead of Firefox.

So you might want to try that.

5 comments on “Can You Share My Posts Now?

  1. Hmm. I don’t even see the option to share on Facebook. I see “Tweet” (in text) and button icons to re-post on Tumblr, save to Pinterest, email or print. That’s it.

    1. I can’t see the page from your end; but here at mine, there is a Facebook button just to the left of the Twitter button at the bottom of the post.
      Which I forgot to activate when I posted this! So I’m doing it now.

    2. Nope. I still don’t see a Facebook share option.

      Just out of curiosity, I looked at your post in Chrome (I use Firefox under my Re-Farmer profile, and use Chrome for personal use, so I don’t have to keep logging in and out of things.)

      The Facebook icon is there, the text “Tweet” is the icon it’s supposed to be, and there’s a LinkedIn icon I can’t see at all on Firefox.

      I was able to share to Facebook using Chrome.

      Looks like a browser issue for WordPress.

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